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Conversational Selling Playbook for SDRs (Coursera)

This is Course 3 in the Salesforce Sales Development Representative Professional Certificate. In order to successfully complete the course, please ensure you have taken Course 1: Groundwork for Success in Sales Development and Course 2: Foundations for Interviewing with Confidence. This course will dive into the 8 principles of [...]

Customer Segmentation and Prospecting (Coursera)

In Course 1, we set the foundation for the Art of Sales Specialization and offer a new mindset for becoming a high-performer in sales. We will discuss the Knowledge, Skill and Discipline that you need to stand out in your industry, and create a goal for you to reach [...]

Communicating Business Analytics Results (Coursera)

The analytical process does not end with models than can predict with accuracy or prescribe the best solution to business problems. Developing these models and gaining insights from data do not necessarily lead to successful implementations. This depends on the ability to communicate results to those who make [...]

El arte de vender: introducción a las ventas (edX)

Aprende a desarrollar los conceptos que forman la cultura del vendedor y que lo hace clave en la comercialización de producto o servicios. La venta se presenta en todas las actividades humanas por lo que hay que conocerla para lograr su máximo desempeño y llevar a las organizaciones al [...]

Enterprise Selling (edx)

Learn essential concepts to align marketing and sales strategies, find and qualify customers, and conduct sales conversations. Selling is one of the most crucial and oldest professions and it is an extremely marketable skill for most consulting, management and executive positions. In fact, for many careers in business, the [...]

The Digital Economy: Selling Through Customer Insight (FutureLearn)

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 The Digital Economy: Selling Through Customer Insight (FutureLearn)
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Uncover new perspectives on the role and behaviour of your customers. No matter how sophisticated your marketing is, if it doesn’t result in attracting customers, then your business is set to fail. This free online course applies fresh thinking to how marketing and selling activities combine to create customers [...]
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Services Marketing - The Next Level (OpenLearning)

Do you want to develop tradeable knowledge and strategic thinking to advance or change your career? Do you want to improve your business bottom line? Do you need to do your own marketing? Whatever your reason, this course is designed to take your services marketing knowledge to the next level.

Services Marketing - Selling the Invisible (OpenLearning)

How do you market a service when there is no car to test drive, no shoes to try on, no computer to take home or book to read? Services marketing is different from traditional product marketing and this course will introduce you to the distinctive characteristics of services and [...]