CS: Software Engineering

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Build your very first iOS app (edX)

Learn how to get started with app development and create your very first iOS app. In this course you will learn the tools, techniques and concepts needed to build a basic iOS app, from scratch. You will be introduced to the Swift programming language and learn how to utilise [...]
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Computing for Data Analysis (edX)

A hands-on introduction to basic programming principles and practice relevant to modern data analysis, data mining, and machine learning. The modern data analysis pipeline involves collection, preprocessing, storage, analysis, and interactive visualization of data. In the course, you’ll see how computing and mathematics come together. [...]
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Imprimer en 3D (FUN)

Ce MOOC est le troisième volet du parcours La Fabrication Numérique. Les imprimantes 3D révolutionnent la manière de produire des objets. Cette technologie est maintenant à la portée de tous dans les fablabs. Cette technologie est maintenant à la portée de tous dans les fablabs. Depuis quelques années, l’impression [...]
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Computer Forensics (edX)

Learn the process, techniques and tools for performing a digital forensics investigation to obtain data related to computer crimes. Digital forensics involves the investigation of computer-related crimes with the goal of obtaining evidence to be presented in a court of law.
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Mastering Agile Software Development and Deployment (edX)

Mastering Agile Software Development Operations & Performance: Teamwork, Design Patterns, Legacy Code, Dev/Ops. Part Three of the Professional Certificate Program in Agile Software Development. This course presents ideas and techniques for designing, developing, and modifying large software systems using Agile techniques and the same best-of-breed tools used by professionals, [...]
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Advanced Topics and Techniques in Agile Software Development (edX)

Advanced Topics & Techniques in Agile Software Development: Advanced SaaS Topics, Behavior Driven Design, Test Driven Development. Part Two of the Professional Certificate Program in Agile Software Development.
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Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies (edX)

Learn the fundamentals of building and managing cloud technologies directly from The Linux Foundation, the leader in open source. New to the cloud and not sure where to begin? This introductory course, taught by cloud experts from The Linux Foundation, will help you grasp the basics of cloud computing [...]
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Algorithms on Strings (Coursera)

World and internet is full of textual information. We search for information using textual queries, we read websites, books, e-mails. All those are strings from the point of view of computer science. To make sense of all that information and make search efficient, search engines use many string algorithms. [...]
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Unordered Data Structures (Coursera)

The Unordered Data Structures course covers the data structures and algorithms needed to implement hash tables, disjoint sets and graphs. These fundamental data structures are useful for unordered data. For example, a hash table provides immediate access to data indexed by an arbitrary key value, that could be a [...]
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Ordered Data Structures (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn new data structures for efficiently storing and retrieving data that is structured in an ordered sequence. Such data includes an alphabetical list of names, a family tree, a calendar of events or an inventory organized by part numbers. The specific data structures covered [...]
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