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Jul 24th 2017

This class provides a series of Python programming exercises intended to explore the use of numerical modeling in the Earth system and climate sciences. The scientific background for these models is presented in a companion class, Global Warming I: The Science and Modeling of Climate Change. This class assumes that you are new to Python programming (and this is indeed a great way to learn Python!), but that you will be able to pick up an elementary knowledge of Python syntax from another class or from on-line tutorials.

Average: 7.3 (8 votes)
Jul 24th 2017

La mayor parte de las personas tenemos inquietudes sobre cómo, cuándo y para qué educar a niñas, niños, jóvenes y adultos acerca de la sexualidad. Ya sea como madres, padres, cuidadores, profesores, profesionales de la salud, interesados en los medios de comunicación o en el tema de la sexualidad, con frecuencia nos planteamos preguntas como las siguientes: ¿Para qué educar sobre sexualidad, si existe abundante información al respecto? ¿La educación de la sexualidad debería brindarla la familia o la escuela? ¿A qué edad es adecuado iniciar la educación de la sexualidad? ¿La educación de la sexualidad aumenta la curiosidad sobre este tema?

Average: 7.2 (5 votes)
Jul 24th 2017

Discover the incredible world of 'the Hobbit' as modern archaeological science uncovers secrets hidden in time.

Average: 9.5 (2 votes)

Aug 8th 2017

Learn everything you need to know to get started building a MongoDB-based app. This course will go over basic installation, JSON, schema design, querying, insertion of data, indexing and working with the Python driver. We will also cover working in sharded and replicated environments. In the course, you will build a blogging platform, backed by MongoDB. A brief Python introduction is included in the course.

Average: 6.6 (16 votes)
Jul 25th 2017

Learn key principles of risk analysis, risk assessment and risk mitigation for information security using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Cybersecurity risk management guides a growing number of IT decisions. Cybersecurity risks continue to have critical impacts on overall IT risk modeling, assessment and mitigation.

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Jul 24th 2017

This course is designed to inform primary care physicians and general otolaryngologists about the differences between acute and chronic rhinosinusitis and how to distinguish and treat them. It is also applicable to individuals who wish to broaden their knowledge and vernacular about this disease process, especially those who may suffer from this condition.

Average: 9.5 (2 votes)

Jul 24th 2017

Energy issues have always been important in international relations, but in recent years may have become even more important than in the past due to the widespread awareness of existing limits to energy sources and negative climate impacts. The course discusses global trends in energy consumption and production, various available scenarios for potential developments in the coming decades, the availability of oil reserves and the evolution of the oil industry.

Average: 9 (1 vote)
Jul 24th 2017

Learn about the history of the Middle East for a deeper understanding of current regional developments! This course will discuss the developments in the Middle East from the early 20th century to the present.

Average: 6.7 (3 votes)
Jul 24th 2017

Database Management Essentials provides the foundation you need for a career in database development, data warehousing, or business intelligence, as well as for the entire Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence specialization. In this course, you will create relational databases, write SQL statements to extract information to satisfy business reporting requests, create entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) to design databases, and analyze table designs for excessive redundancy. As you develop these skills, you will use either Oracle or MySQL to execute SQL statements and a database diagramming tool such as the ER Assistant to create ERDs. We’ve designed this course to ensure a common foundation for specialization learners. Everyone taking the course can jump right in with writing SQL statements in Oracle or MySQL.

Average: 5.6 (14 votes)
Aug 7th 2017

Examine human resources from a modern digital perspective. This course covers all the steps from staff recruitment to retention. During this course you can take a step by step journey into the core Human Resource functions of an organisation, through this you will develop a broad understanding of the key areas such as recruitment, training & development and performance management. The course has a consistent theme being technology and the significant impact it has on the way we manage people today.

Average: 6.6 (37 votes)



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