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Aug 29th 2016

How will we feed an extra two billion people by the middle of this century?

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Aug 8th 2016

Explore how to make food systems more sustainable and resource-smart for our environment, health and food security. How can food systems become more sustainable in the face of population growth, urbanisation, and environmental degradation? How can a food systems approach help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? This course will explore how natural resources are currently used to take the food we eat from the field or ocean to our plates.

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Apr 4th 2016

Reflexionaremos sobre agricultura y alimentación en un planeta que tiene que alimentar a una población creciente con recursos limitados. El planeta se enfrenta al reto de alimentar a una población creciente en un escenario de limitación de recursos, mercados agroalimentarios imperfectos, crisis de alimentos, y población rural vulnerable. El curso invita a una reflexión sobre las alternativas de la agricultura y la alimentación, vistas como solución a los desafíos socio-económicos y ambientales, con énfasis en el papel de la agricultura familiar y en modos de producción sostenibles, en el marco de cadenas de valor más equilibradas.

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Sep 14th 2015

Food banks are important community organizations that provide charitable food assistance to food insecure households. Food banks rely heavily on donated foods and beverages and government supplied foods for their inventory. Until recently, there were no nutrition guidelines for food banks to follow in deciding the types of foods and beverages to accept, procure, and distribute. Recently, Feeding America, the national network organization of food banks, issued a nutrition framework to provide food banks with nutrition criteria for identifying healthful foods and beverages. Food banks are seeking direction in applying nutrition guidelines and generally how to move toward nutrition-focused food banking. This course will explain the importance of this shift toward healthier 'charitable' foods and guide participants through the process of developing food bank nutrition policies to help food bank staff and others in making nutrition improvements in food inventory.

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Jan 26th 2015

How to feed the world without exhausting planetary reserves? – understand the basics of crop production and explore the opportunities.

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