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E.g., 2017-06-23
E.g., 2017-06-23
Jun 19th 2017

The New Nordic Diet is a new food culture developed in 2009-13 with key emphasis on gastronomy, health, and environment. Major research in its effect on acceptability, behaviour and learning skills, and disease prevention have been conducted by the OPUS centre at the University of Copenhagen and the people behind the award-winning restaurant Noma in Copenhagen.

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May 2nd 2017

La investigación en nutrición avanza de manera vertiginosa, e implica la necesidad de seguir formándose para mejorar las competencias profesionales a nivel individual y combatir la obesidad y patologías asociadas, teniendo en cuenta las interacciones que existen entre dieta, genes y salud.

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Apr 12th 2017

Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to make healthy eating decisions as you learn the science behind weight loss and dispel diet and nutrition myths. Whether you are trying to lose weight yourself, or are supporting others, this food and nutrition course will dispel common myths about weight loss and teach you the science behind healthy eating for a healthy weight.

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Jan 16th 2017

Demystify the complex and conflicting messages we hear about diet, health and lifestyle today, with this free online course. This free online course will help you understand the scientific basis of human nutrition, and current nutrition concepts and controversies.

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Self Paced

Learn how to make a healthy breakfast that will give you energy all day long with this quick practical course from Hari Kalymnios!

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Sep 15th 2014

This seven week course will explore nutrition concepts that take center stage in mainstream media outlets and become conversation topics among consumers interested in food choice as it relates to optimal health and physical performance.

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Jun 14th 2013

This course explores the diversity of the foods we eat, the ways in which we grow, process, distribute, and prepare them, and the impacts they have upon our environment, health, and society. We will also examine the challenges and opportunities of creating a more sustainable global food system in the future.

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