Sustainable Diet

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Nutrition for Health and Sustainability (FutureLearn)

Learn what makes up a healthy, sustainable diet and how certain food types can help to treat and prevent disease. Explore the relationship between health, nutrition, and sustainability. Diet is the biggest single risk factor for preventable diseases in the world and a key driver of diabetes, heart disease, [...]
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Public Health Perspectives on Sustainable Diets (Coursera)

Jun 21st 2021
Public Health Perspectives on Sustainable Diets (Coursera)
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What we eat and how we produce that food have significant effects on human health and the sustainability of our planet. But what is a ‘sustainable’ diet? A sustainable diet, as defined by the FAO, promotes health and well-being and provides food security for the present population while [...]
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Feeding a Hungry Planet: Agriculture, Nutrition and Sustainability (edX)

How do we create a healthy and sustainable diet for the growing world population? Agriculture is more than waving fields of wheat; our ability to grow food from existing natural resources – and without decimating those resources – is key to sustainably feeding the world. In this course, learn [...]
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