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Sensing Consumer Insights (Coursera)

In this course we will focus on the measurement of the effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy through the use of marketing analytics. The final course will also cover performance measurement in digital channels, content and site management in relation to consumer experiences.

Reshaping Consumer Search (Coursera)

In this course, you will focus on reshaping digital consumer search. In particular, you will gain an understanding of digital marketing strategy planning and development. By the end of this course, you will have developed your understanding of key topics such as; the importance of a digital marketing strategy, [...]

Introduction to Social Media Analytics (Coursera)

Social media not only provides marketers with a means of communicating with their customers, but also a way to better understand their customers. Viewing consumers’ social media activity as the “voice of the consumer,” this session exposes learners to the analytic methods that can be used to convert social [...]

Marketing e o Consumidor no Ambiente Digital (Coursera)

Nossas boas-vindas ao Curso Marketing e o Consumidor no Ambiente Digital. Neste curso, você aprenderá sobre o papel do marketing no contexto digital. Também serão abordados os principais aspectos que tratam do consumidor no ambiente digital. É importante compreender de que forma os indivíduos passam a organizar sua compra [...]

Comunicação Digital e Consumidores (Coursera)

Nossas boas-vindas ao Curso Comunicação Digital e Consumidores. Neste curso, você aprenderá sobre dois pontos centrais do Marketing Digital: a comunicação e os consumidores. Ao final deste curso, você será capaz de preparar um plano de comunicação digital para obter os resultados esperados.

Foundations of Digital Consumer Search and Marketing (Coursera)

This course will develop your understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing and how it transformed the marketing landscape. By the end of this course, you will have developed your understanding of key topics such as: the fundamentals of content marketing, digital consumer engagement, journey mapping, lifecycle and [...]

Healthcare Consumerism and Implication for Care Delivery (Coursera)

In this course we will examine the changing role of the consumer in healthcare. Consumers are asking for more accountability in how healthcare is delivered and paid for. Healthcare professionals must make sure that they are delivering high quality, personalized care. Some of the topics we'll cover are: the [...]

Hábitos do Consumidor (Coursera)

Nossas boas-vindas ao Curso Hábitos do Consumidor. Este curso tem como objetivo apresentar uma visão geral sobre como os consumidores criam e utilizam hábitos para tomar decisões de compra. Estas ferramentas de análise permitem compreender estes processos e atuar na elaboração de ofertas de valor para os [...]

Fundamentals of Economics (POK)

The course introduces the student to both microeconomic and macroeconomic issues. The purpose of this course is to provide the student with the theoretical framework and the basic tools needed to understand and to give a critical assessment of the behavior of economic agents (consumers, producers, institutions) in a [...]

Introduction to Marketing (edX)

An introduction to the role of marketing in a competitive marketplace. Do you want to learn how successful businesses use marketing to increase revenue, share and profitability? In an increasingly competitive market, marketing skills are vital to help organizations stand out, win customers, build loyalty and sustain long term [...]