Consumer Behavior




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Jan 23rd 2017

El primer curso de este especialización consta de dos bloques que te proveerán de los conocimientos necesarios para comenzar tu trayectoria en Marketing.

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Jan 18th 2017

All goods and services are subject to scarcity at some level. Scarcity means that society must develop some allocation mechanism – rules to determine who gets what. Over recorded history, these allocation rules were usually command based – the king or the emperor would decide. In contemporary times, most countries have turned to market based allocation systems. In markets, prices act as rationing devices, encouraging or discouraging production and encouraging or discouraging consumption in such a way as to find an equilibrium allocation of resources.

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Jan 16th 2017

The first course in this specialization is separated into two main sections and provides you with the perfect start for your marketing journey. Gain the tools and techniques to translate a decision problem into a research question in the Market Research module. Learn how to design a research plan, analyze the data gathered and accurately interpret and communicate survey reports, translating the results into practical recommendations.

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