Food Production

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Sustainable Global Food Systems (edX)

How do we feed 11 billion people? Discover the importance of sustainable food systems on a global scale. We are currently facing one of the biggest challenges worldwide: how to feed a growing population without exhausting global resources. This course examines food security from a food systems perspective and [...]
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Feeding the World (Coursera)

This course will explore the concepts driving current food production science (population growth, urbanization, emerging affluence, resource constraints, and underlying biological limits) with the main focus on livestock production. Each of the major food animal species (dairy, swine, beef, and poultry) will be covered in terms of their universal [...]
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Coberturas de riesgo con futuros y opciones para agrobusiness (Coursera)

La producción agropecuaria y agroalimentaria tiene una gran importancia en las economías latinoamericanas tanto desde el punto de vista de su participación en el PBI de los países, generación de empleo y exportaciones , ya que en muchos casos las exportaciones agroalimentarias constituyen una fuente muy importante de divisas [...]
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Sustainable Food Security: The value of systems thinking (edX)

Learn how to solve the ‘Rubik’s cube’ of systems thinking and how it’s applied to improve the environmental sustainability of food production systems! Have you ever considered how many aspects of food production affect the natural environment? Every aspect needs to be considered in attaining the future goal to [...]
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Sustainable Food Security: Crop Production (edX)

Learn the basics of crop production and find out how to feed the future world population without depleting our planet’s resources! How much food will be available for humankind in the future? Feeding nine billion people in 2050 without exhausting the planetary reserves is perhaps the greatest challenge humanity [...]
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Introduction to Food Science (FutureLearn)

Discover the fascinating world of food science and feel empowered to make safe, healthy, and sustainable food choices. Discover topics like food sustainability, integrity, ethics, and constituents. Food and health information is often oversimplified by the media, and recommendations can be inaccurately reported and contradictory to current [...]
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Improving Food Production with Agricultural Technology and Plant Biotechnology (FutureLearn)

Build your knowledge of food production challenges and technology with this online course for 16-19 year olds studying biology. Learn how to address challenges in growing, harvesting, and processing food. Are you inspired to join the next generation of scientists and tackle challenges in food security? On this course, [...]
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Farm to Fork: Sustainable Food Production in a Changing Environment (FutureLearn)

Understand how food goes from farm to fork: explore food security, supply chains, food production and agriculture. Discover food supply chains from farm to fork. How does food reach our plates? How is the food industry changing? What threats are there to food supply chains? How can we build [...]
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Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management (Coursera)

Learn about the impact of infectious disease on sustainable animal-based food production by understanding the science of growth, immunity, and infection and by learning the problem-solving skills needed to advance animal health and food production through optimal management practices. In this course we will explore the effect of infectious [...]
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The Meat We Eat (Coursera)

The Meat We Eat is a course designed to create a more informed consumer about the quality, safety, healthfulness and sustainability of muscle foods and address current issues in animal agriculture in developed and developing countries.
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