Sustainable Development

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Co-Creating Sustainable Cities (edX)

Learn how citizen’s co-creation is key in making cities worldwide more sustainable. Around the world, major challenges of our time such as population growth and climate change are being addressed in cities. Here, citizens play an important role amidst governments, companies, NGOs and researchers in creating social, technological and [...]
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Sustainable Urban Development (edX)

Learn why cities are key in resolving global urbanization and sustainability challenges and how you can engineer tomorrow’s cities today. Did you know that cities take up less than 3% of the earth’s land surface, but more than 50% of the world’s population live in them? And, cities generate [...]
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Sustainable Trade (edX)

Critical interdisciplinary introduction on how to make international trade and global value chains more sustainable from the Global South to the Global North, with a focus on the contribution of voluntary sustainability standards.
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Living Heritage and Sustainable Development (edX)

How is intangible cultural heritage – or ‘living heritage’ – related to sustainable development? Why is it important to keep heritage alive? By taking this course students and other interested learners and professionals will gain a better understanding of intangible cultural heritage and its relationships with sustainable development, exploring [...]
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The Sustainability Imperative (Coursera)

In this course, learners begin with a macro-level view of the current state of the world and touch upon topics such as climate change, plastic pollution, social inequity, and the economic systems that got us to where we are today. Learners investigate how such an economy cannot sustain itself [...]
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Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems (FutureLearn)

Jan 24th 2022
Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems (FutureLearn)
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Learn new research-led strategies designed to mitigate the effects of climate change on agriculture and food systems. Learn about the effects of climate change and how to build resilience in agriculture and food systems. Even small climate changes can have large-scale consequences in agriculture and food systems with devastating [...]
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Sustainable Development in the 21st Century with Ban Ki-moon (Coursera)

The course is designed for people that want to learn about the latest development agenda the international community agreed to achieve by 2030. Structured around the five pillars of Agenda 2030 – people, prosperity, planet, peace and justice, and partnership, students will learn that these pillars are interconnected and [...]
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The Sustainable Development Goals – A global, transdisciplinary vision for the future (Coursera)

In 2015, the UN launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Adopted by 193 member states, the goals represent an important international step in setting humanity on a trajectory towards sustainable development. Within this course, you will get a historical overview of how sustainability has been understood, as well [...]
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Transição energética e ecológica em países do sul (Coursera)

Este MOOC encontra-se na confluência do desenvolvimento dos países do Sul e do desenvolvimento sustentável. Tem uma dimensão macroeconómica e financeira, trazida em particular por Gael Giraud e Alain Grandjean como intervenientes, uma dimensão ecológica e climática trazida em particular por David Claessen e pelos intervenientes da ENS, e [...]
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Transformation of the Global Food System (Coursera)

The UN predicts we will be 9-10 billion people on Earth in 2050. Providing so many people with nutritious foods is a massive challenge and one that cannot be met by simply upscaling current practices regarding food production and consumption. Providing humanity with nutritional food is at the center [...]
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