Ecological Transition

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Ecological and Energy Transitions in Southern Countries (Coursera)

This MOOC is at the junction between the development of Southern countries and sustainable development. It has: 1) a macroeconomic and financial dimension, developed by Gael Giraud and Alain Grandjean; 2) an ecological and climatic dimension, developed by David Claessen and ENS speakers; and 3) a focus on [...]

Les transitions énergétique-écologiques dans les pays du Sud (Coursera)

Ce MOOC co-produit par l'Agence Française de Développement et l'ENS se situe à la confluence du développement des pays du Sud et le développement durable. Il a : une dimension macroéconomique et financière portée notamment par Gael Giraud et Alain Grandjean en tant qu’intervenants; une dimension écologique et climatique [...]

Paths to a Sustainable Future (Coursera)

Jun 10th 2024
Paths to a Sustainable Future (Coursera)
Free Course
This MOOC is an introduction to social and ecological transition. Ecological issues (climate change, loss in biodiversity, scarcity of resources, etc.) and their social consequences (growing inequalities, poverty, conflicts, forced migrations, etc.) call upon us to promote a paradigm shift, to redesign our production and consumption patterns, as well [...]

Transição energética e ecológica em países do sul (Coursera)

Este MOOC encontra-se na confluência do desenvolvimento dos países do Sul e do desenvolvimento sustentável. Tem uma dimensão macroeconómica e financeira, trazida em particular por Gael Giraud e Alain Grandjean como intervenientes, uma dimensão ecológica e climática trazida em particular por David Claessen e pelos intervenientes da ENS, e [...]