Systems Thinking




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E.g., 2016-12-10
E.g., 2016-12-10
Dec 12th 2016

This course provides an introduction to systems thinking and systems models in public health. Problems in public health and health policy tend to be complex with many actors, institutions and risk factors involved. If an outcome depends on many interacting and adaptive parts and actors the outcome cannot be analyzed or predicted with traditional statistical methods. Systems thinking is a core skill in public health and helps health policymakers build programs and policies that are aware of and prepared for unintended consequences.

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Dec 5th 2016

Learn how to use systems and complexity thinking to address a variety of social, managerial and policy problems. This free online course addresses the practical problems that arise in social systems in the context of management and public policy at local, regional and global levels. It is problem-oriented, providing you with both the theoretical understanding and practical tools, to find and implement solutions to organisational and social problems.

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Nov 21st 2016

Este curso general tiene el propósito de promover el uso del pensamiento sistémico para nuestro beneficio y de quienes nos rodean.

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Sep 8th 2016

Learn how to apply systems thinking to improve the environmental sustainability of food production systems.

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May 9th 2016

Este curso tiene la finalidad de introducir a las personas vinculadas a los ámbitos de los negocios, el marketing y la comercialización, al amplio campo de la perspectiva sistémica de las organizaciones empresariales y los mercados.

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