Food Sustainability

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Introduction to Food and Our Environment (Coursera)

Nov 28th 2022
Introduction to Food and Our Environment (Coursera)
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This course is designed to help learners around the world become more sustainable eaters. Together, we’ll explore key topics, like how food production impacts the environment and why meat production and protein consumption are often at the center of the debate around sustainability. We’ll introduce the pros and cons [...]

An Introduction to the U.S. Food System: Perspectives from Public Health (Coursera)

A food system encompasses the activities, people and resources involved in getting food from field to plate. Along the way, it intersects with aspects of public health, equity and the environment. In this course, we will provide a brief introduction to the U.S. food system and how food [...]

Plant Based Diets: Food for a Sustainable Future (edX)

When you hear of the enormous global challenges we face, don’t you wish you could actually do something about it? Well, you can! Grab an apple as we explore the science behind Plant Based Diets and discover the impact you can have, by simply ‘going (more) plant based’.

Unravelling solutions for Future Food problems (Coursera)

Our society depends on the availability of food and accessibility to it. According to the United Nations nearly 800 million people are hungry and on the other hand, over 650 million people are obese. While many people in developing countries experience food shortage, in industrialized countries people are [...]

Sustainable Food Security: Crop Production (edX)

Learn the basics of crop production and find out how to feed the future world population without depleting our planet’s resources! How much food will be available for humankind in the future? Feeding nine billion people in 2050 without exhausting the planetary reserves is perhaps the greatest challenge humanity [...]

Trust in Our Food: Understanding Food Supply Systems (FutureLearn)

How much do you trust your food? Learn about food supply systems, safety, sustainability and nutrition and quality. Explore how your food reaches you. How does your food reach your plate? Can you trust your food? Find out with this online course that will help you understand global food [...]

Conscious Grocery Shopping: Sustainability, Nutrition, Health and Law (edX)

Would you consider yourself a conscious decider when it comes to food grocery shopping? Do you really buy healthy and sustainably? Enroll in this course for a journey through the grocery store with multidisciplinary scientific insights that will empower you to make better food choices. Our professors will give [...]

Introduction to Food Science (FutureLearn)

Discover the fascinating world of food science and feel empowered to make safe, healthy, and sustainable food choices. Discover topics like food sustainability, integrity, ethics, and constituents. Food and health information is often oversimplified by the media, and recommendations can be inaccurately reported and contradictory to current [...]