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May 29th 2017

This course examines how digital tools, such as the Internet, smartphones, and 3D printing, are revolutionizing the world of marketing by shifting the balance of power from firms to consumers. Marketing in a Digital World is one of the most popular courses on Coursera and has attracted over 100,000 Learners.

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May 22nd 2017

This seven-week course will explore the relationship between law and technology with a strong focus on the law of the United States with some comparisons to laws around the world, especially in Europe. Tech progress is an important source of economic growth and raises broader questions about the human condition, including how culture evolves and who controls that evolution. Technology also matters in countless other ways as it often establishes the framework in which governments interact with their citizens, both in allowing speech and blocking it and in establishing exactly what the boundaries are between private life and the government. And technology itself is powerfully shaped by the laws that apply in areas as diverse as copyright, antitrust, patents, privacy, speech law and the regulation of networks.

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May 22nd 2017

The explosive growth of the “Internet of Things” is changing our world and the rapid drop in price for typical IoT components is allowing people to innovate new designs and products at home.

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May 15th 2017

Every information service is connected through the Internet. If your work is any bit related to information, there is no excuse, you have to know what the Internet is and how it works! The relation of information and the Internet is equivalent to the blood and blood vessels of our body, which we have been using and will be using every day of our lives.

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May 15th 2017

It is hard to imagine life without your Smartphone – you have come to rely on it so much – for your work; to stay in touch with family and friends; to capture and share those special moments; to find your way around in a new neighborhood. Did you ever wonder how and when all this happened? Or how and when GPS sensors came to be in your cell phone?

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May 15th 2017

The impact of technology and networks on our lives, culture, and society continues to increase. The very fact that you can take this course from anywhere in the world requires a technological infrastructure that was designed, engineered, and built over the past sixty years. To function in an information-centric world, we need to understand the workings of network technology. This course will open up the Internet and show you how it was created, who created it and how it works. Along the way we will meet many of the innovators who developed the Internet and Web technologies that we use today.

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May 15th 2017

You pick up your iPhone while waiting in line at a coffee shop. You google a not-so-famous actor, get linked to a Wikipedia entry listing his recent movies and popular YouTube clips of several of them. You check out user reviews on Amazon and pick one, download that movie on BitTorrent or stream that in Netflix. But suddenly the WiFi logo on your phone is gone and you're on 3G.

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Apr 20th 2017

IPv6 est une technologie incontournable pour le développement de l’internet aujourd’hui et pour les prochaines années. C’est pourquoi, maitriser IPv6 est désormais indispensable pour toute personne impliquée dans le déploiement et le fonctionnement des réseaux.

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Apr 10th 2017

The online safety MOOC aims to empower primary and secondary teachers and give them a better understanding of the opportunities, risks and challenges presented to children and young people, and their parents and teachers, in the online world of the 21st century. Teachers will learn about a variety of topics such as media literacy, cyber bullying, online relationships, sexting, online hate speech and radicalization, and will be provided with high-quality resources to address these issues.

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Self Paced

Aprenderás a planificar una búsqueda desde el comienzo y a utilizar las herramientas que Internet te ofrece para encontrar lo que buscas. En un mundo virtual en el que hay cientos de millones de páginas disponibles con informacion de todo tipo, buscar en Internet de forma eficaz es una habilidad cada día más necesaria. Aprende con nosotros a separar el grano de la paja usando las herramientas disponibles y realizando las preguntas de forma adecuada.

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Feb 27th 2017

En este curso se explican los elementos teóricos fundamentales de la escritura en Internet: hipertextualidad, interactividad y multimedialidad. Se muestra cómo explotar esas posibilidades por parte de todo tipo de profesionales y se proporciona una galería de recursos de internet útiles para los escritores, tales como diccionarios, correctores o procesadores de texto en la red.

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Feb 6th 2017

Das WWW (World Wide Web) oder kurz einfach nur Web, hat die Welt auf unvorstellbare Weise verändert. Es hat eine neue digitale Welt geschaffen, die eng mit unserer echten Welt verflochten ist. Dadurch ist möglich geworden, was lange undenkbar schien: weltweite Kommunikation innerhalb von Sekunden, Filme schauen auf dem Smartphone, mit weit entfernten Menschen gemeinsam Spiele spielen oder Fotos ansehen und Einkäufe oder Bankgeschäfte von zuhause aus erledigen. In unserem MOOC "Web-Technologien" lernen Sie, wie das alles funktioniert.

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Dec 13th 2016

Conoce los fundamentos de los sistemas de información para la empresa. Curso 1 de 5 de una serie que te introducirá en el apasionante mundo de las TIC. Esta es el primero de una serie de cursos de introducción al uso de sistemas de información en las empresas, diseñada en base al el temario del examen USA CLEP Sistemas de Información y Aplicaciones Informáticas que te introducirá en el apasionante mundo de las TIC.

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Dec 5th 2016

Internet se ha transformado en un sofisticado sistema de interacciones, llamado el Ecosistema Digital, que impulsa las nuevas economías, fomentando un desarrollo global sin precedentes. Sin embargo, este desarrollo no se ha dado de forma homogénea en la sociedad. ¿Cómo podemos aprovechar las oportunidades y maximizar los beneficios que ofrece el Ecosistema Digital? ¿Cómo podemos enfrentar los retos que nos presenta? Estas son algunas de las preguntas que podrás responder al tomar este curso, en el que presentamos los fundamentos tecnológico, económico y regulatorio del Ecosistema Digital, los cuales son analizados desde el nivel de madurez del Ecosistema Digital en América Latina.

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Nov 16th 2016

L’objectif de ce cours est de faire le point sur les questions d’éducation aux médias et à l’information dans le contexte actuel du déploiement d’Internet et des réseaux sociaux et de l’utilisation généralisée de dispositifs numériques d’accès et de traitement de l’information. Comment décrypter et comprendre les transformations en cours, mettre en place des formations sur ces questions et aider des apprenants à développer des capacités d’action ?

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Nov 10th 2016

Comment les données sont acheminées dans l'Internet ? Comment améliorer la transmission de ces données ? Dans ce MOOC, nous abordons les problématiques de routage interne et externe et la mise en place de qualité de service par réservation de ressource ou par ingénierie de trafic dans les réseaux. Vous vous exercerez à la mise en place de qualité de service au-travers de plusieurs protocoles, exercices et "LAB".

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Nov 7th 2016

Explore how the web has changed our world and what the future might hold, with this free online course introducing Web Science. You may already be an avid user of the Web, but this introduction to Web Science will help you better understand it as both a social and technical system - a global information infrastructure, built from the interactions of people and technologies. This free online course is based on our experience of trying to understand how the Web has grown and changed through technical innovation, economics, politics and everyday use.

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Sep 8th 2016

Ce cours vous explique le fonctionnement des réseaux de données tels qu'Internet ou les réseaux téléphoniques qui permettent la communication et l'accès à l'information. Le cours décrit le vocabulaire, les concepts et les mécanismes communs à l'ensemble des réseaux informatiques. Ce MOOC décrit les protocoles de l'Internet TCP, UDP et IP.

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Jul 17th 2016

La posibilidad de acceder a gran cantidad de información es una de las grandes virtudes de internet, pero a la vez es un problema. Se hace necesario entonces, disponer de buenos criterios y herramientas para encontrar lo que buscamos y las mejores técnicas para mejorar nuestro filtrado, obtener información valiosa y transformarla en significativa para la construcción de conocimiento.

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In questo corso analizzeremo ogni aspetto delle piattaforme digitali per la gestione del territorio: partendo dal territorio stesso, dalle persone, dai processi e dai dati. Studieremo le tecnologie abilitanti e vedremo come sfruttare le piattaforme esistenti per fare innovazione sul territorio.

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