Network Security

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Seguridad informática: defensa contra las artes oscuras digitales (Coursera)

Este curso cubre una amplia variedad de conceptos, herramientas y mejores prácticas de seguridad de TI. Introduce amenazas y ataques, y las muchas formas en que pueden aparecer. Te daremos algunos antecedentes de algoritmos de cifrado y cómo se utilizan para salvaguardar los datos. Luego, nos sumergiremos en los [...]
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Palo Alto Networks Security Operations Fundamentals (Coursera)

In this Security Operations Fundamentals course you will gain an understanding of Security Operations (SecOps) and the role it plays in protecting our digital way of life, for businesses and customers. You will focus on continuous improvement processes to collect high-fidelity intelligence, contextual data, and automated prevention workflows that [...]
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Palo Alto Networks Network Security Fundamentals (Coursera)

In this Network Security Fundamentals course you will gain an understanding of the fundamental tenants of network security and review the general concepts involved in maintaining a secure network computing environment. Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to describe general network security concepts and implement [...]
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Microsoft Azure Management Tools and Security Solutions (Coursera)

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of services to deploy your applications. To keep control of your environment and to make deployments easier, it also offers a wide array of management tools and services. In this course, you will be introduced to these tools and services and you will [...]
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Check Point Jump Start: SMB Network Security (Coursera)

This course introduces you to Check Point's Small and Medium Business (SMB) network security appliances. You will learn how to deploy, configure, manage, and monitor network security policy on the SMB appliance platform. When you complete this course, you will understand the features and functionality of the current Small [...]
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Network Security & Database Vulnerabilities (Coursera)

This course gives you the background needed to understand basic network security. You will learn the about Local Area Networks, TCP/IP, the OSI Framework and routing basics. You will learn how networking affects security systems within an organization. You will learn the network components that guard [...]
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Managing Network Security (Coursera)

Almost every organization uses computer networks to share their information and to support their business operations. When we allow network access to data it is exposed to threats from inside and outside of the organization. This course examines the threats associated with using internal and external networks [...]
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Cyber Threat Intelligence (Coursera)

This course gives you the background needed to gain Cybersecurity skills as part of the Cybersecurity Security Analyst Professional Certificate program. You will understand network defensive tactics, define network access control and use network monitoring tools. You will understand data protection risks and explore mobile endpoint protection. Finally you [...]
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Cloud Computing Security (Coursera)

In this MOOC, we will learn Cloud Computing basics using AWS as an example, We will guide you to create AWS account, planning AWS resources for your cloud systems, create AWS EC2 instances, access them and configure the popular LAMP web services with MySQL database. We will guide [...]
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Information Security: Context and Introduction (Coursera)

In this course you will explore information security through some introductory material and gain an appreciation of the scope and context around the subject. This includes a brief introduction to cryptography, security management and network and computer security that allows you to begin the journey into the study of [...]
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