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May 1st 2017

This course focuses on how to design and build secure systems with a human-centric focus. We will look at basic principles of human-computer interaction, and apply these insights to the design of secure systems with the goal of developing security measures that respect human performance and their goals within a system.

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May 1st 2017

This course we will explore the foundations of software security. We will consider important software vulnerabilities and attacks that exploit them -- such as buffer overflows, SQL injection, and session hijacking -- and we will consider defenses that prevent or mitigate these attacks, including advanced testing and program analysis techniques. Importantly, we take a "build security in" mentality, considering techniques at each phase of the development cycle that can be used to strengthen the security of software systems.

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May 1st 2017

This course is for you if you are interested in transitioning toward a managerial role in cybersecurity and mobility. Through interviews with industry experts in this area, you will learn about innovations powering the rapid spread of information technology and how they present new challenges for protecting data.

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May 1st 2017

What is the X-Factor? In Cybersecurity, the X-Factor related to unknown and unpredictable human behavior within and outside of your organization. “No one really knows why humans do what they do”, (David K. Reynolds), and because of this organizations can be unprepared for malicious, untrained, or even best intentioned behavior that can cause alarm and sometimes irreparable harm.

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Apr 24th 2017

This course is designed to introduce students, working professionals and the community to the exciting field of cybersecurity. Throughout the MOOC, participants will engage in community discourse and online interaction. Participants will gain knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity and its domains.

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Apr 24th 2017

By nature, cyber conflicts are an international issue that span across nation-state borders. By the end of the course, you will be able to apply the knowledge gained for analysis and management of international cyber incidents and conflicts including for activities such as development of policy related to cybercrime and cyberwarfare.

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Apr 24th 2017

Welcome to “Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things”! This course is for you if you are curious about the most recent trends and activities in the internet capabilities and concerns about programmed devices. There are complexities and areas of necessary awareness when the industrial sector becomes connected to your home.

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Apr 17th 2017

This course will introduce you to the foundations of modern cryptography, with an eye toward practical applications.

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Apr 10th 2017

Our lives depend on online services. Gain essential cyber security knowledge and skills, to help protect your digital life. We shop online. We work online. We play online. We live online. As our lives increasingly depend on digital services, the need to protect our information from being maliciously disrupted or misused is really important.

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Mar 21st 2017

Learn cybersecurity fundamentals, including how to detect threats, protect systems and networks, and anticipate potential cyber attacks. In this introduction to the field of computing security, you will be given an extensive overview of the various branches of computing security. You will learn cybersecurity concepts, issues, and tools that are critical in solving problems in the computing security domain.

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Mar 20th 2017

This three-week free online course explores practical cyber security including privacy online, payment safety and security at home. In the modern world, information security has an influence on all of us: at home, at work, online and in life in general. Like many inventions that have gone before, the internet and the web, the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) bring with them many advantages, but also open up new possibilities for criminal activity.

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Mar 6th 2017

Discover what common cyber threats and attacks face small and medium enterprises, and what you can do to prevent them. Almost daily we hear about cyber attacks on large organisations, but we rarely hear much about similar attacks on small and medium enterprises. This doesn’t mean that they’re not happening. In this course, you’ll explore some of the common cyber threats facing small and medium enterprises, what a cyber attack means, and what practical tools and strategies you can put in place to prevent them.

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Jan 30th 2017

Todas las organizaciones se apoyan en el uso de las nuevas tecnologías para el desarrollo de su actividad profesional, por las diferentes posibilidades de negocio que ofrece. La clave está en saber protegerse en este nuevo entorno, para asegurar el buen desarrollo de la actividad propia del negocio empresarial. En este contexto, INCIBE pone en marcha la tercera edición del presente curso con el objetivo de proporcionar toda la formación necesaria para desarrollar e integrar una cultura de ciberseguridad en los negocios de autónomos y microempresas, independientemente del grado de implantación tecnológica que posean.

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Oct 19th 2016

Learn how to make better decisions about security and IT by using state-of-the-art economic tools, security metrics and data analytics.

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Oct 17th 2016

The widespread use of mobile devices in businesses and private environments has changed how we interact with the internet. It has also increased demand for professionals specializing in mobile technologies. This course presents technical knowledge in a clear and intuitive way to help students acquire the skills they need to enter the field of security in mobile environments.

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Oct 17th 2016

La incursión de los dispositivos móviles dentro del mundo empresarial y a nivel privado, ha supuesto un cambio en la manera que teníamos de interactuar con Internet hasta el momento, y ha propiciado la aparición de diversos perfiles orientados exclusivamente a las tecnologías móviles como experto en seguridad móvil, auditor de seguridad móvil, etc. Este curso otorga la facilidad de adquirir las competencias necesarias en este ámbito de una manera guiada y clara, dotando al alumno de conocimientos claros y especializados para poder introducirse en el mundo de la seguridad en entornos móviles.

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Mar 1st 2016

Learn key decision-making skills to better manage and implement IT and innovation in your workplace.

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Feb 22nd 2016

Understand the competing tensions of laws related to privacy and national security, and the impending consequences of this battle for our networked world.

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Feb 8th 2016

Hackern gelingt es immer wieder, Passwörter zu stehlen, auf sensible Firmen- und Userdaten zuzugreifen und somit schlimmstenfalls ganze Unternehmen lahmzulegen. So vielfältig die Möglichkeiten sind, die das Internet seinen Nutzern bietet, so vielfältig sind auch die Angriffspunkte und potenziellen Gefahren, die vom Internet ausgehen und vielen Menschen noch nicht richtig bewusst sind. In diesem openHPI-Kurs lernen Sie die Grundbegriffe der Internetsicherheit kennen. Warum ist das Internet in seinem Grunddesign unsicher? Welches sind die Schwachstellen des Internets und wie werden diese von Cyberkriminellen ausgenutzt? Diese Fragen werden unter anderem in diesem Kurs beantwortet. Gleichzeitig erhalten Sie einige Tipps, wie Sie sich vor solchen Angriffen schützen können.

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Jun 22nd 2015

FX’s The Strain depicts a city in the chaos of a rapidly spreading disease epidemic, coupled with a devastating cyber-virus attack. This course will explore the real-world science behind virus and parasite biology, cyber security and epidemiological modeling.

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