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Self Paced

Master the basic tips, tools and concepts you need to create an effective data collection plan in this free online course from the SocialCops Academy.

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Apr 12th 2017

Learn how to design and implement results-based, public sector programs that optimize the use of resources. In this project management course, you will learn the basics of results-based management, including the use of the results framework and its associated performance indicators. You will learn how the use of monitoring systems and evaluations provide a crucial source of evidence for management decision-making.

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Jul 25th 2016

Explore our planet from space and learn how Earth observation is used to monitor climate change, with this free online course. It is increasingly essential for us to study climate change across the planet at the highest level of detail possible. But how can we achieve such a comprehensive worldwide view?

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Apr 9th 2015

Principles of measuring population and community change.

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