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A Organização Centrada na Jornada do Cliente (Coursera)

Nossas boas-vindas ao Curso A Organização Centrada na Jornada no Cliente. Neste curso, você aprenderá que objetivos de negócio de uma empresa somente podem ser atingidos se houver co-criação de valor entre seus profissionais e fornecedores. Para tanto, os clientes devem estar no centro de suas definições e atividades. [...]

Analíticas y Métricas de Marketing (Coursera)

En este primer curso se comprenderá el comportamiento de los usuarios y el impacto en la medición de interacciones que se dan en las Páginas web, Landing page o búsquedas de información de navegadores tradicionales. También podremos distinguir las principales herramientas de la analítica que se utilizan en el [...]

SQL for Data Science Capstone Project (Coursera)

Data science is a dynamic and growing career field that demands knowledge and skills-based in SQL to be successful. This course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in applying SQL skills to analyze data and solve real business problems. Whether you have successfully completed the other [...]

Introducción a las redes sociales. Sus objetivos y métricas. (Coursera)

En este programa se hará, de manera holística, una revisión del uso e implementación de redes sociales. Se provee de un conocimiento sólido en el desarrollo de estrategias requeridas en una organización para involucrar a los consumidores y miembros de la misma en un ambiente de social listening.

Mastering Data Analysis in Excel (Coursera)

Important: The focus of this course is on math - specifically, data-analysis concepts and methods - not on Excel for its own sake. We use Excel to do our calculations, and all math formulas are given as Excel Spreadsheets, but we do not attempt to cover Excel Macros, Visual [...]

L'analyse marketing (Coursera)

Les organisations, quelle que soit leur taille, sont inondées de données sur les choix des consommateurs. Mais cette abondance d'informations ne se traduit pas toujours en de meilleures décisions. Savoir interpréter les données est le défi à relever, et il est de plus en plus attendu que les professionnels [...]

Wearable Technologies and Sports Analytics (Coursera)

Sports analytics now include massive datasets from athletes and teams that quantify both training and competition efforts. Wearable technology devices are being worn by athletes everyday and provide considerable opportunities for an in-depth look at the stress and recovery of athletes across entire seasons. The capturing of [...]

Recommender Systems: Evaluation and Metrics (Coursera)

In this course you will learn how to evaluate recommender systems. You will gain familiarity with several families of metrics, including ones to measure prediction accuracy, rank accuracy, decision-support, and other factors such as diversity, product coverage, and serendipity. You will learn how different metrics relate to [...]

Disease Screening in Public Health (Coursera)

Current and future public health is characterized by the increase of chronic and degenerative diseases, corresponding to the worldwide ageing of the population. The increasing prevalence of these conditions together with the long incubation period of the chronic diseases and the restless technological innovations, offer new opportunities to develop [...]

Marketing Analytics (Coursera)

Organizations large and small are inundated with data about consumer choices. But that wealth of information does not always translate into better decisions. Knowing how to interpret data is the challenge -- and marketers in particular are increasingly expected to use analytics to inform and justify their decisions. Marketing [...]