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Advanced Topics & Techniques in Agile Software Development (edX)

Advanced Topics & Techniques in Agile Software Development: Advanced SaaS Topics, Behavior Driven Design, Test Driven Development. Part Two of the Professional Certificate Program in Agile Software Development.
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Developing an Agile Team (Coursera)

Now that you have undergone personal information, you will be better prepared to empathize, understand, and mentor individual members of your team on a similar journey. Leading teams towards change-resilience is not as simple as knowing and understanding the psychology of individuals multiplied by a number of team members. [...]
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Agile Leadership: Introduction to Change (Coursera)

This is a foundational course in the Agile Leadership Specialization. By the end of this course, you will build an understanding of key agile leadership concepts. You will begin building a toolbox that will give you an ability to evaluate and create a baseline for yourself as an agile [...]
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Agile Leader Training (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn the neuroscience of change, why we are so change-averse, how to train for change resilience, and most importantly, you will begin developing a practice to help you be prepared for changes in personal life and in your career. You will learn specific strategies [...]
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Agile Analytics (Coursera)

Few capabilities focus agile like a strong analytics program. Such a program determines where a team should focus from one agile iteration (sprint) to the next. Successful analytics are rarely hard to understand and are often startling in their clarity. In this course, developed at the Darden School of [...]
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Hypothesis-Driven Development (Coursera)

To deliver agile outcomes, you have to do more than implement agile processes- you have to create focus around what matters to your user and constantly test your ideas. This is easier said than done, but most of today’s high-functioning innovators have a strong culture of experimentation. In this [...]
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Agile Organization (Coursera)

The theory of Agile is simple. However, it takes experience, knowledge, and expertise to scale it successfully. In this course, you will focus on leading change at an organizational level and scaling Agile appropriately. When studying Agile application success stories and theory, it's easy to think in terms of [...]
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Agile Software Development (Coursera)

Software industry is going crazy on agile methods. It is rapidly becoming the choice for software development where requirements are unpredictable or is expected to change over time. This course will help you gain knowledge on what is agile? Why agile is better suited for these situations? [...]
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Software Development Processes and Methodologies (Coursera)

Software is quickly becoming integral part of human life as we see more and more automation and technical advancements. Just like we expect car to work all the time and can't afford to break or reboot unexpectedly, software industry needs to continue to learn better way to build software [...]
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Princípios de Desenvolvimento Ágil de Software (Coursera)

Neste curso, assumimos que você já sabe projetar e desenvolver programas mais complexos em Java, graças às boas práticas e princípios orientados a objetos, TDD e conceitos avançados de Java aplicados à Web e banco de dados exercitados nos cursos anteriores; mas você talvez não se sinta ainda confortável [...]
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