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Aug 14th 2017

The Raspberry Pi uses a variety of input/output devices based on protocols such as HDMI, USB, and Ethernet to communicate with the outside world. In this class you will learn how to use these protocols with other external devices (sensors, motors, GPS, orientation, LCD screens etc.) to get your IoT device to interact with the real world.

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Aug 7th 2017

System Validation is the field that studies the fundamentals of system communication and information processing. It allows automated analysis based on behavioural models of a system to see if a system works correctly. We want to guarantee that the systems does exactly what it is supposed to do. The techniques put forward in system validation allow to prove the absence of errors. It allows to design embedded system behaviour that is structurally sound and as a side effect enforces you to make the behaviour simple and insightful.

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Apr 6th 2017

Ce MOOC est le deuxième volet du parcours La Fabrication Numérique. Que se passe-t-il quand les objets se connectent à Internet ? Découvrez les mécanismes et les protocoles pour connecter un objet à Internet ou connecter des objets entre eux. Vous utiliserez les technologies issues des FabLabs pour fabriquer “Nelson”, un petit objet intelligent et autonome, contrôlé par votre smartphone ou votre ordinateur. Vous apprendrez également à re-programmer votre objet à l’infini pour l’adapter à vos besoins.

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Jan 6th 2014

The Internet is a computer network that millions of people use every day. Understand the design strategies used to solve computer networking problems while you learn how the Internet works.

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