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Aug 21st 2017

What do children need from education now, and in the future? How is technology best used in teaching and learning? How can innovative approaches to education be reconciled with established, traditional ones? What does student-centred learning really mean? This five module course is not just for classroom or ensemble music educators. It’s suitable for anyone interested in creativity-infused education, in contemporary education issues, and in the integration and use of digital technology.

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Aug 14th 2017

Improve your writing skills in this comprehensive introduction to English composition credit-eligible course. Language, and the ability to communicate effectively are critical skills in the global economy. Writing and composition are vital to communicating your ideas clearly. This introductory writing course will help you develop and express ideas effectively for a variety of purposes, audiences and occasions.

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Aug 7th 2017

Neste curso, oferecido pela Fundação Lemann em parceria com o Instituto Península, você terá a oportunidade de aprender, a partir de experiências reais, como integrar as tecnologias digitais no seu contexto escolar. As vivências compartilhadas pelos diferentes professores envolvidos neste curso lhe proporcionará reflexões sobre os modelos de Ensino Híbrido e sua relação com a personalização do ensino.

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Jul 24th 2017

What does it mean to learn in a networked world? Find out, and discover how to make use of your own personal learning network. Digital technologies have fundamentally changed how we learn. The web is no longer simply an information resource, but also a space for interaction, scholarship and creativity.

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Jun 19th 2017

Understand the importance of copyright and learn its history, from the Renaissance to the Internet, with this free online course. Have you ever thought about how a composer or a writer makes a living? Or how they make money to live their daily lives, just like other people? This course will explore the process of creators becoming professionals: how a marketplace and an industry have grown thanks to inventions like the 15th century printing press.

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May 22nd 2017

Digital technologies are changing extraordinarily quickly. This four-week course will introduce you to the new digital landscape.

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May 2nd 2017

Learn to develop your architectural designs by using scale models as well as Virtual Reality representations. Physical and digital design skills are key to practitioners in art, design, and engineering, as well as many other creative professions. Models are essential in architecture. In design practice all kinds of physical scale models and digital models are used side by side.

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Apr 3rd 2017

Learn about how the Internet of Things can help people aging well with this free online course. The Internet of Things (IoT) includes many new digital health technologies, from apps to wearable devices to home sensors - devices that are expected to revolutionize healthcare in the near future. But when will they become truly useful and usable for those with the most at stake: older adults with multiple medical problems? This is just one of the questions we will tackle on this course.

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Feb 6th 2017

With a better understanding of users' needs, technologies can be developed to be accessible & provide a more inclusive environment. This course will help you to understand how those with sensory, physical and cognitive impairments may be disabled by barriers encountered when using digital technologies. The course will highlight how the use of accessible and inclusive design can help overcome many of these difficulties.

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Jan 30th 2017

Learn how ancient artefacts, written evidence, excavation and digital technologies are transforming understanding of this harbour. The Roman harbour city of Portus lay at the heart of an empire that extended from Scotland to Iraq. Established by Claudius and enlarged by the emperor Trajan with spoils of the Dacian wars, the port was the conduit for everything the city of Rome required from its Mediterranean provinces: the food and, particularly grain, that fed the largest urban population of the ancient world, as well as luxuries of all kinds, building materials, people and wild animals for the arena.

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Oct 4th 2016

Learn why smart grids are key to modernizing our current electrical system to optimize the conservation and delivery of power. Ever wondered why you hear the term “smart grid” so often these days, and what it’s all about? This engineering course will explain the essential nature of the smart grid, an electricity network based on digital technology, and the importance of grid modernization.

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The 7Cs is a powerful seven-stage process that helps educators and designers create effective courses using digital technologies. In this MOOC, you will learn collaboratively with other students and from experts in the field. Throughout the 6 weeks, you will work on the design (or redesign!) of a technologically enhanced course.

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