Creative Skills

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Making Architecture (Coursera)

Making architecture offers a unique insight into the mind and work of an Architect, starting with the basics of the profession and culminating with the production of a scaled site model. The course should act as ideal preparation for those interested in undertaking an undergraduate degree in Architecture, [...]

Creativity Toolkit I: Changing Perspectives (Coursera)

Thinking and doing the same things faster and better is not enough; we need creativity. Fortunately, creativity is a skill you can learn. This course will examine when, why, and how we can be creative. It examines the cues that trigger us to consider being creative. It provides a [...]

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies (edX)

Explore how entrepreneurship and innovation tackle complex social problems in emerging economies. This business and management course takes an inter-disciplinary approach to understanding and solving complex social problems. You will learn about prior attempts to address these problems, identify points of opportunity for smart entrepreneurial efforts, and propose and [...]

Makerspaces for Creative Learning (FutureLearn)

Jun 28th 2021
Makerspaces for Creative Learning (FutureLearn)
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Every thought about creating your own makerspace? Learn how to provide a space for children to boost creativity and employability. Understand how a makerspace can prepare children for industry 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution (industry 4.0) will fundamentally change the way we work and live, yet it is still [...]

Lánzate a la Innovación con Design Thinking (edX)

Lánzate a la Innovación con Design Thinking, descubrirás cómo innovar a partir del FlipKit, un conjunto de herramientas prácticas y sencillas para que comprendas cómo utilizar esta metodología en el diseño y desarrollo de soluciones innovadoras.