Social Problems

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Social Entrepreneurship (Coursera)

Jan 17th 2022
Social Entrepreneurship (Coursera)
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How do we create innovative and effective solutions to social problems around the world ? This course was designed for individuals and organizations who want to identify and bring about transformative societal change. Professors Jim Thompson and Ian “Mac” MacMillan help you develop both a strategy and a [...]
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Jan 17th 2022
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Network Dynamics of Social Behavior (Coursera)

How do revolutions emerge without anyone expecting them? How did social norms about same sex marriage change more rapidly than anyone anticipated? Why do some social innovations take off with relative ease, while others struggle for years without spreading? More generally, what are the forces that [...]
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Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies (edX)

Explore how entrepreneurship and innovation tackle complex social problems in emerging economies. This business and management course takes an inter-disciplinary approach to understanding and solving complex social problems. You will learn about prior attempts to address these problems, identify points of opportunity for smart entrepreneurial efforts, and propose and [...]
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Level 5 Diploma in Social Sciences (LIBS)

This Level 5 Diploma in Social Sciences is a tuition-free 120 credit programme. The programme is fast track, which can be completed online including the final exam. The self-paced mode allows participants to set their own learning schedule without any restrictions.
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Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (SoBaT)

This level 6 Graduate Diploma in Business Studies is designed to prepare students who wish to pursue careers in business at management level.
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