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Dec 12th 2016

This one-week course describes the process of analyzing data and how to manage that process. We describe the iterative nature of data analysis and the role of stating a sharp question, exploratory data analysis, inference, formal statistical modeling, interpretation, and communication. In addition, we will describe how to direct analytic activities within a team and to drive the data analysis process towards coherent and useful results.

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Dec 12th 2016

Writing good code for data science is only part of the job. In order to maximizing the usefulness and reusability of data science software, code must be organized and distributed in a manner that adheres to community-based standards and provides a good user experience. This course covers the primary means by which R software is organized and distributed to others.

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Dec 12th 2016

Have you ever had the perfect data science experience? The data pull went perfectly. There were no merging errors or missing data. Hypotheses were clearly defined prior to analyses. Randomization was performed for the treatment of interest. The analytic plan was outlined prior to analysis and followed exactly. The conclusions were clear and actionable decisions were obvious. Has that every happened to you? Of course not. Data analysis in real life is messy. How does one manage a team facing real data analyses? In this one-week course, we contrast the ideal with what happens in real life. By contrasting the ideal, you will learn key concepts that will help you manage real life analyses.

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Dec 12th 2016

Data science is a team sport. As a data science executive it is your job to recruit, organize, and manage the team to success. In this one-week course, we will cover how you can find the right people to fill out your data science team, how to organize them to give them the best chance to feel empowered and successful, and how to manage your team as it grows.

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Dec 12th 2016

By now you have definitely heard about data science and big data. In this one-week class, we will provide a crash course in what these terms mean and how they play a role in successful organizations. This class is for anyone who wants to learn what all the data science action is about, including those who will eventually need to manage data scientists. The goal is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible on data science without all the fluff. We've designed this course to be as convenient as possible without sacrificing any of the essentials.

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Nov 8th 2016

Bring the Digital Core of your business together with SAP S/4HANA Cloud by connecting your people, your suppliers, partners and customers. SAP S/4HANA combined with SAP SuccessFactors provides instant insight into Finance and HR combined. Get a single view of your organization’s Finances and HR, and learn how to enable Intelligent Services to take more effective actions across lines of business.

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Oct 11th 2016

Inclusion is more than just a buzzword – it's a business strategy. Learn how to attract and support a diverse workforce. How do you foster a company culture that supports a diverse workforce, including employees with disabilities? Co-developed with Harvard Extension School, this course gives hiring managers and recruiters the tools they need to attract, interview and onboard a diverse team, including candidates with disabilities.

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Oct 5th 2016

SHINE (SAP HANA Interactive Education) is a reference/demo application, with educational content released for SAP customers and partners to demonstrate how to build native applications on the SAP HANA platform. SHINE comprises design-time developer objects such as database tables, data views, stored procedures, OData services, sample data, and user interfaces. SHINE is available in two flavors. The first is SHINE for customers of SAP HANA extended application services, classic model (SAP HANA XS classic). The second is SHINE for SAP HANA extended application services, advanced model (SAP HANA XS advanced), which is delivered for customers of SAP HANA XS advanced.

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Sep 15th 2016

Today, we’re surrounded by digital technology. When we think about software, we often think of computers for writing email or surfing the internet. But software is everywhere! It’s in many of our household appliances and is used to manufacture many of our products such as our clothes. Maybe you enjoy using software, but why not start creating it for yourself? This course will get you started step-by-step.

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Sep 15th 2016

Nous sommes cernés par les nouvelles technologies. Quand nous pensons ‘logiciel’, nous avons en tête les emails ou les navigateurs Internet. Or cela va bien au-delà : les logiciels sont partout, jusque dans nos électroménagers et même parfois nos vêtements. Vous ne cessez donc de les utiliser sans forcément vous en apercevoir. Et maintenant, que diriez-vous de créer le vôtre ? On ne sait jamais où cela peut nous mener, mais imaginez…vous pourriez un jour utiliser ces nouvelles compétences numériques dans le cadre de votre travail ! Même si vous n’avez jamais programmé la moindre ligne de code de votre vie, aucun souci ! Ce cours vous expliquera tout, étape par étape. Tout ce dont vous avez besoin, c’est d’un peu de temps de de curiosité ! Vous serez surpris de ce que vous serez capable de faire en l’espace de quelques jours seulement. Si vous avez entre 12 et 17 ans, ce cours est fait pour vous !

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Sep 15th 2016

Êtes-vous instituteur / professeur des écoles ? Êtes-vous impliqué dans les activités extrascolaires d’un groupe de jeunes ? Alors ce cours est fait pour vous ! Quelle que soit la matière que vous enseignez d’habitude, vos élèves et vous-mêmes êtes cernés par les nouvelles technologies. Ce cours s’appuie sur le fameux système Scratch, une plateforme ludique qui facilite l’apprentissage continu de la programmation et qui passionne déjà des millions d’enfants à travers le monde.

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Sep 15th 2016

Are you a teacher of young learners? Are you involved in young peoples’ extra-curricular activities? Then this course could be for you. Whatever subjects you normally teach, you and your learners are surrounded by modern digital technology. This course will help you to encourage today’s young digital consumers to become tomorrow’s digital creators. It is based around the popular Scratch system that is capturing the imagination of children around the globe.
You’ll be truly amazed at how fast your learners get up to speed with coding skills. And if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, don’t worry. This course will get you started step-by-step.

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Aug 15th 2016

Learn how to lead change in social systems by exploring two root questions of creativity: Who is my Self? What is my Work?

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Aug 1st 2016

A valuable introduction to the pedagogy of healthcare simulation, how it’s used and the value it provides learners and patients.

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Jul 12th 2016

One of the most critical activities for companies is to leverage innovation as fast and easily as possible. With SAP BusinessObjects Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom, we offer an end-to-end analytics solution in the cloud that enables our customers to use innovation directly. Value driver trees, planning and predictive scenarios, and visualizations are prepared in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud. Together, you can put them in stories that are the basis for SAP Digital Boardroom.

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Self-Paced until 26 Aug 2016

ePortfolios have become increasingly popular based on their potential to be applied to a wide array of contexts as well as their ability to be used in a great variety of individual or organizational purposes. ePortfolios offer the opportunity to create and manage an online space of digital artefacts that provide evidence of competencies and abilities acquired over a specific period of time. In this way, ePortfolios can be designed to enhance traditional learning and teaching methods, record achievements, the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), assist individuals with Personal Development Planning (PDP) or the Personal Career Development (CPD), among others.

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Mar 2nd 2016

With the delivery of SAP HANA SPS 11, we see a large number of new features in both the underlying SAP HANA infrastructure and in particular in the custom development aspects of SAP HANA native development.
Requirements change over time, and so too has XS within SAP HANA. SAP HANA extended application services in SPS 11 represents an evolution of the application server architecture; building upon the previous strengths while expanding the technical scope. This one-week nutshell course will offer an overview of the new architecture and the various expanded capabilities it makes possible.

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Feb 1st 2016

In den vergangenen Monaten haben wir alle erlebt, wie eine unvorhersehbar hohe Anzahl an Menschen in unser Land gekommen ist, geflohen aus Kriegsgebieten, vor Verfolgung und Elend. Die meisten unserer neuen Nachbarn sind zu uns gekommen in der Hoffnung auf eine sichere Zukunft für sich und ihre Familien. Eine der größten Herausforderungen für uns alle ist es, diesen Asylsuchenden dabei zu helfen, sich in unserer Gesellschaft zu integrieren. Der Erwerb von Grundlagen der deutschen Sprache ist ein erster und entscheidender Schritt der Integration.
Vielleicht können auch Sie sich vorstellen, Sprachunterricht zu geben? Dieser Kurs möchte Ihnen bei Ihren ersten Schritten helfen.

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Nov 2nd 2015

The course is aimed at anyone interested in learning about SAP NetWeaver system upgrades. After completing this course, you will understand the technical background to SAP NetWeaver upgrades and be familiar with the tools and general steps needed to perform an upgrade from start to finish. You will understand the purpose behind SAP NetWeaver upgrades, how to check for supported platforms, and how to locate guides on SAP Service Marketplace. You will also know how to use the maintenance optimizer and Software Update Manager (SUM) tools and be able to describe the roadmap steps of an upgrade.

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Oct 28th 2015

SAP S/4HANA is SAP’s next generation business suite designed to help you run simple in a digital and networked world. 
This new suite is built on our advanced in-memory platform, SAP HANA, and offers a personalized user experience with SAP Fiori. 
Deployable in the cloud or on-premise, SAP S/4HANA is built to drive instant value across lines of business and industries with the ultimate in sophistication: simplicity. The repeat of this course features some updated information along with a new unit on SAP Activate. SAP Activate is the new innovation adoption accelerator introduced with SAP S/4HANA, a unique combination of SAP Best Practices, Methodology, and Guided Configuration delivered with a reference solution.

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