Sales Planning

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Models & Frameworks to Support Sales Planning (Coursera)

In this course, you’ll go through a conceptual approach to selling models and frameworks. As a primary learning outcome of this course, we emphasize the improvement in the analytical competencies and skills to develop sales planning and management. And the learning process goes through the application of the models [...]
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Sales Strategy (Coursera)

This course is designed to discuss the application of intelligence analysis in the sales planning process. And this approach contributes to integrating the sales planning process into the corporate strategy of the company because, in the strategy analysis and formulation process, we apply models, frameworks, tools, and techniques that [...]
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Effective Sales - An Overview (Coursera)

This specialization course focus on providing conceptual and practical guidance on sales planning and management. The development of the specialization goes through the different phases of the sales planning process, keeping attention on the connection to the strategy of the company. Concepts discussed in this specialization aim to support [...]
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Inventory Analytics (Coursera)

Inventory analytics is the corner stone of supply chain analytics. A company in trade industries may have 30-50% of their assets tied up in inventory. An effective inventory management can improve revenue by increasing product variety and availability, and reduce cost and speed up cash cycle by reducing excessive [...]
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Sales & Marketing Alignment (Coursera)

This course focus on what is considered by most academics and practitioners as the biggest challenge that sales professionals have to face. As we discussed in Course 1 – Effective Sales, strategy, and sales must be integrated to support a high potential for value creation through the sales functions. [...]
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Gestión de compras eficientes para tu empresa (edX)

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Gestión de compras eficientes para tu empresa (edX)
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En este curso en línea encontrarás las herramientas necesarias para realizar una correcta planeación de la demanda y obtén los conocimientos que requieres para realizar pronósticos, abastecimiento estratégico, gestión y evaluación de proveedores.
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