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Sales Operations: Final Project (Coursera)

In the final project for the Sales Operations/Management Specialization, learners will be asked to apply the knowledge they have obtained by performing a critical analysis of a real-world business. Learners are to select a business that has a sales function/operation. The learners are to identify the manager responsible for [...]

Models & Frameworks to Support Sales Planning (Coursera)

In this course, you’ll go through a conceptual approach to selling models and frameworks. As a primary learning outcome of this course, we emphasize the improvement in the analytical competencies and skills to develop sales planning and management. And the learning process goes through the application of the models [...]

Professional Selling: Step 3 - Become a High-Performer (Coursera)

Foundational Skills and Knowledge Required of High Performing Salespeople. This course takes the mystery out of sales call preparation, execution, and follow up. Learners will gain a clear understanding of the sales process and the fundamental skills required to build lasting, long-term, trusting relationships with customers. [...]

Sales Force Management (Coursera)

The second course in the Sales Operations/Management Specialization, Sales Force Management covers various aspects of hiring and personnel administration. Students will learn about job design and recruitment processes, tools of recruitment, the role of training in sales force development, and motivating salespeople to perform the tasks critical to an [...]

Account Management & Sales Force Design (Coursera)

The first course in the Sales Operations/Management Specialization, Account Management & Salesforce Design aims to introduce learners to a variety of sales methods. Students will gain knowledge on steps in strategic planning and sales management, responsibilities of a sales manager, kinds of sales operations, a recap of the personal [...]

Compensation, Expenses and Quotas (Coursera)

This course is the third part of the Sales Operations/Management Specialization. In it, we will discuss some of the financial aspects involved in managing a sales force. Students will learn about the options available for sales force compensation, the different types plans you can use to manage your sales [...]

Sales & Marketing Alignment (Coursera)

This course focus on what is considered by most academics and practitioners as the biggest challenge that sales professionals have to face. As we discussed in Course 1 – Effective Sales, strategy, and sales must be integrated to support a high potential for value creation through the sales functions. [...]

Strategic Sales Management Final Project (Coursera)

Welcome to Course 5 – Strategic Sales Management Final Project. In this course, you’ll develop the final project of the specialization, which is an application of the whole set of concepts, models, frameworks, tools, and techniques discussed and practiced through the four previous courses. A business case provides the [...]

Fundamentals of Technology Sales (Coursera)

Nov 27th 2023
Fundamentals of Technology Sales (Coursera)
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With tens of thousands of jobs in technology sales available, this is a rapidly emerging opportunity that needs sharp people to make critical connections between technical solutions and technical buyers, company owners, and decision-makers. The rapid growth in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, cyber security, Internet of Things, and [...]

Executivo de Vendas, Vendas Consultivas e Prospecção (Coursera)

Nossas boas-vindas ao Curso Executivo de Vendas, Vendas Consultivas e Prospecção. Neste curso, você aprenderá conceitos e o uso de ferramentas práticas para prospectar clientes e realizar vendas de valor (deixar o preço menos representativo na tomada de compra do cliente). Aprenderá, também, a atuar tecnicamente em todas as [...]