Customer Segmentation

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Preparando o Marketing Digital (Coursera)

Nossas boas-vindas ao Curso Preparando o Marketing Digital. Neste curso, você aprenderá como uma organização pode atuar para desenvolver a habilidade de uso do marketing digital. Serão abordados temas diversos que tratam dos segmentos de clientes, jornada, storytelling e marketing ágil.

Customer Segmentation and Prospecting (Coursera)

In Course 1, we set the foundation for the Art of Sales Specialization and offer a new mindset for becoming a high-performer in sales. We will discuss the Knowledge, Skill and Discipline that you need to stand out in your industry, and create a goal for you to reach [...]

Sustainable Business Models: Guidance for Future Farmers (edX)

In this course of 5 modules, our team of experts from both academic and non-academic institutes will introduce you to strategic planning for farming businesses of the 21st century. At the end of the course, you will be able to create and refine a Business Model.