Enterprise Sales Professional Certificate

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Enterprise Selling (edx)

Learn essential concepts to align marketing and sales strategies, find and qualify customers, and conduct sales conversations. Selling is one of the most crucial and oldest professions and it is an extremely marketable skill for most consulting, management and executive positions. In fact, for many careers in business, the [...]

Sales Enablement & Analytics (edX)

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Sales Enablement & Analytics (edX)
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Learn how to use data, tools, and technology to drive productivity and set yourself apart as sales leader. Organizations today have an influx of data which when used effectively can derive actionable insights for both the sales organization and their clients. Today's sales leadersneed to systematically increase their sophistication [...]

Strategic Account Management (edX)

Learn the sought-after skills required to effectively maintain, retain and grow existing enterprise partnerships and customers. Strategic Account Management will examine a major challenge of sales teams - how to maintain your customer relationships in a competitive marketplace and how to grow their business with [...]