National Academy of Sports Medicine

For 34 years, the National Academy of Sports Medicine has been world-renowned for the quality of our personal trainers and the scientific rigor of our program. NASM offers an online Certified Personal Training program as well as NASM specializations to take your personal training skills to a whole new level.
NASM courses were developed using our proprietary Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model, a system based on scientific, evidence-based research. These courses maximize your skills and ability to help your clients excel beyond ordinary expectations, while improving your career opportunities.

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Metabolic Makeover (Coursera)

With people around the world obsessing over metabolism and weight loss, there remains great interest in discovering hacks and shortcuts that boost metabolism and accelerate weight loss. Apart from a basic understanding that metabolism translates to expended calories, how much is understood about the complexities of human metabolism? [...]

Science of Fat Metabolism (Coursera)

The term “fat” can be applied to several aspects of health and fitness, from macronutrients in food to tissues in the body, to molecules in the blood. The consumption of fat can be a complex topic due to many different things: fat types, their health effects, the ways fats [...]

Plant-Based Diets (Coursera)

In today's world, there are many eating patterns available to choose from. They can range across a dietary spectrum from a totally carnivorous diet (meat-eating) to an entirely herbivorous diet (plant-eating). Plant-based diets are diets that rely primarily or entirely on plant-based foods. This course has been designed to [...]

Making Sense of Supplements (Coursera)

No matter how hard you try, there is no escaping the endless stream of advertising for all the nutritional supplements out there. From protein and creatine to caffeine and other more-controversial performance aids, there is something tailored to every health, wellness, and fitness goal. This course has been designed [...]

Aligning Diet and Exercise (Coursera)

When considering body composition goals, modifications to both diet and exercise are inevitable. Most often, an individual’s dietary interventions do not align with their exercise regimen, which may diminish the potential for success. This course explores the energy pathways and how macronutrients fuel exercise across intensity and duration, in [...]

Nutrition Hot Topics and Controversies (Coursera)

Within the ever-changing nutrition landscape, it becomes difficult to understand current trending topics. Without a doubt, your friends and neighbors will have questions regarding these nutrition hot topics. Most people want to know what to believe or discard from what they hear, but they often lack the tools or [...]

Understanding Food Labels and Portion Sizes (Coursera)

All of us have struggled to decipher the long list of ingredients and recommendations on our food labels. This course provides a deeper understanding of labeling standards and methods for estimating food portions essential for informed decision-making and healthy eating behaviors. You will learn the foundations of reading food [...]

National Academy of Sports Medicine Nutrition Essentials (Coursera)

NASM's Nutrition Coaching Essentials enables you to provide evidence-based guidance to those seeking to improve body composition, athletic performance, and health. By successfully completing this program, you will have the knowledge and abilities to leverage nutrition education to increase your client's success, reduce turnover, and maximize [...]

Navigating Diets (Coursera)

The wide and wonderful world of diets can be difficult terrain to navigate, especially with so much information scattered across the Internet and in magazines. Some are backed by scientific evidence, whereas others are mostly hype. Informed readers need to be well-armed with the latest facts regarding diets and [...]