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IBS Management: The Low FODMAP Diet (FutureLearn)

Understand IBS diagnosis and management, the low FODMAP diet, and the importance of a multidisciplinary approach. Learn all you need to know about management of IBS & optimising patient outcomes. This course is designed for all health professionals and students.

Food and Mood: Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition (FutureLearn)

Explore the relationship between nutrition and brain health, why it matters, and how to work towards positive food changes. Learn how healthy dietary choices can improve your mental and brain health. Poor diet and poor mental health are the leading causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide. We now know [...]

The Science of Weight Loss: Dispelling Diet Myths (edX)

Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to make healthy eating decisions as you learn the science behind weight loss and dispel diet and nutrition myths. Whether you are trying to lose weight yourself, or are supporting others, this food and nutrition course will dispel common myths about weight [...]

Mental Health and Nutrition (edX)

Learn what foods and nutrients should and should not be consumed to improve mental wellbeing and explore the fundamental role that nutrition plays in our mental health. Whether you are a health professional working with people with mental health challenges; someone who struggles daily with low mood, anxiety or [...]