Science of Diet and Exercise Specialization

Break Down the Science of Diet and Exercise. Master the knowledge and skills to identify the diet and exercise interventions required for specific fitness goals.
Changing your health and getting to where you want to be required not only an effective exercise program but a nutrition program that will complement your goals. It is through the combination of diet and exercise that you can maximize your efforts and become the best version of yourself. With the NASM Science of Diet and Exercise Specialization, you will learn how to lay the groundwork of an effective program that combines your nutrition and activity to achieve the results you want. By understanding the interrelationships of fat and metabolism or proper nutritional intake to fuel exercise, you can better adjust your lifestyle to meet the desired goals. Through the application of nutrition and exercise research, you will be armed with the knowledge to guide, not only yourself, but those around you to meet the goals they desire!

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Metabolic Makeover (Coursera)

With people around the world obsessing over metabolism and weight loss, there remains great interest in discovering hacks and shortcuts that boost metabolism and accelerate weight loss. Apart from a basic understanding that metabolism translates to expended calories, how much is understood about the complexities of human metabolism? [...]

Science of Fat Metabolism (Coursera)

The term “fat” can be applied to several aspects of health and fitness, from macronutrients in food to tissues in the body, to molecules in the blood. The consumption of fat can be a complex topic due to many different things: fat types, their health effects, the ways fats [...]

Aligning Diet and Exercise (Coursera)

When considering body composition goals, modifications to both diet and exercise are inevitable. Most often, an individual’s dietary interventions do not align with their exercise regimen, which may diminish the potential for success. This course explores the energy pathways and how macronutrients fuel exercise across intensity and duration, in [...]