Innovation Strategy




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Feb 27th 2017

This course focuses on enhancing your understanding of (1) how an internal venture is organized and (2) how to overcome resistance to your new venture ideas within the company.

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Feb 20th 2017

Developed by David Owens at Vanderbilt University and customized for the cultural sector with National Arts Strategies, this course will help arts and culture leaders create an environment where new ideas are constantly created, shared, evaluated and the best ones are successfully put to work. One of the toughest challenges for any leader is getting traction for new ideas. Winning support can be a struggle. As a result, powerful new ideas often get stuck. This is especially true in the cultural sector. People involved in arts and culture often have little time and even less money for experimentation and risks. This course will help those in the performing arts, museums, zoos, libraries and other cultural organizations build environments where new management and program ideas flourish.

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Feb 13th 2017

Acquire the ability to help make innovation happen, using a rich mix of practical approaches & robust concepts. Innovation involves transformative thinking and the genuine ability to cultivate and pick the lucrative fruits of our creative labour. In this subject, you will develop an appreciation for a range of tools and concepts that can help make innovation happen. This subject will feature original content and fresh thinking. It contains a stimulating mix of creative experiments, intriguing innovation examples, practical tools and robust concepts. These will help you induce creativity, gain deep customer insights, and develop an appreciation for creating a compelling innovation strategy.

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Sep 5th 2016

Face aux enjeux de la compétition par l’innovation, les entreprises doivent s’approprier et développer de nouvelles ingénieries de l’innovation. Elles visent à organiser et maîtriser la conception de nouveaux produits ou systèmes et permettent de concevoir conjointement les dimensions techniques, scientifiques et gestionnaires d’une stratégie d’innovation.

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