Creativity and A.I. Specialization

In this specialization, we seek to address the developments of what it means to be creative. The three courses in this specialization will push the boundaries of the idea of “creative artifacts” in this multidisciplinary field. These courses are designed for those with technical backgrounds who are willing to look at things from a different perspective and for those who work in the creative field and want to better understand A.I. research and its implications in their industries.
- Characterize and implement various design research methodologies.
- Examine the potentials and limitations of creative A.I. in understanding human creativity.
- Develop and implement design research on the topic of your choice.
- Explain the theories and techniques behind the latest works in artificial creativity.

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Creative Artifacts (Coursera)

Creative Artifacts is about expanding the definition of creativity, from multidisciplinary perspectives such as computer science, psychology and artistic practices, into domains like personal artistic practices, corporate innovations, and urban policies. You will look at renowned artists who use the latest machine learning techniques in a compelling way to [...]

Natural Creativity (Coursera)

Natural Creativity is about looking into the many theories behind creativity, examining studies, and exploring the latest machine learning techniques. You will experiment with artistic tools that are powered by the latest machine learning techniques and conduct a full iteration of design thinking research that can be applied in [...]

Artificial Creativity (Coursera)

Artificial Creativity is about exploring the emerging field of artificial intelligence (A.I.) from a design perspective with the intent to bring those with a programming background and more “traditional” creatives together. In this course, you will look back at the history and theories behind today's A.I., analyze the unorthodox [...]