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Customer-Centric IT Strategy (Coursera)

Now more than ever, corporations are investing heavily in IT. The quality of these investments affect the daily work of millions, yet it’s not uncommon to see industry surveys where the failure rates for IT projects is over 50%. It’s possible to do better and it’s possible to do [...]

Effective Service Innovation by Design in Hotel Management (Coursera)

Feb 26th 2024
Effective Service Innovation by Design in Hotel Management (Coursera)
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This practical course provides learners with insights into the art and science of designing innovative services in the Hotel industry to meet customers' evolving needs and drive organizational success. Throughout the course, learners will journey to understand the core principles and methodologies of service design. [...]

Principais Elementos do Sucesso do Cliente (Coursera)

Nossas boas-vindas ao Curso Principais Elementos do Sucesso do Cliente. Neste curso, você aprenderá que as dez leis do Sucesso do Cliente buscam orientar conceitos básicos de sua estratégia para o negócio. Sua implementação e manutenção requerem esforço, foco e, muito provavelmente, mudanças na estrutura e na cultura da [...]

Customer Centric Innovation (Coursera)

Successful innovation starts with understanding customer needs and ends with a delighted customer. This course is created to develop a holistic understanding of customers’ role in developing successful innovations and how to capture and utilize customer information to create successful [...]