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Aug 29th 2016

When competition from low-cost countries is increasing, many companies choose to invest in services. For companies that are used to only selling physical products this service effort has resulted in a series of challenges. To offer advanced services, a completely different mindset is required than what many companies are accustomed to and to succeed, in many cases, the employees view on how to create value must be changed. The course aims to convey this new mindset, service logic, using a series of practical examples from various industries and sectors and by introducing key theories and concepts.

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Jan 19th 2015

If service innovation is important for you and if you regard continuous service innovation as crucial for your organizational development, then this course is for you. It is designed for professionals from a wide variety of business areas as well as public organizations. Mastering Service Innovation is an open access graduate course from the Karlstad Business School in conjunction with the Service Research Center – CTF. This course is designed for professionals with an interest in service innovation and is available to both for-credit (registered students) and non-credit participants (non-registered students). It features openly available, weekly, interactive video lectures from a variety of CTF researchers, other researchers as well as practitioners.

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