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Aug 21st 2017

This course aims to inspire and empower women and men across the world to engage in purposeful career development and take on leadership for important causes - to lead change with more conviction and confidence - and improve our workplaces and communities for all. By offering more complex understandings of issues related to professional women and work, the course will help you increase self-knowledge about your own values and vision, as well as enhance your capabilities as a leader, manager, and team contributor. We will examine the opportunities, challenges, trade-offs, and organizational dynamics experienced by women in work organizations, as well as reflect on and practice effective individual behaviors.

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Jul 21st 2017

This course promotes the inclusion of women and LGBT people to drive innovation in academic, social and corporate environments. Because of gender stereotypes, women are still given fewer opportunities in life and they have to put more effort into making people understand their value and creativity. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people can also be discriminated against because of prejudices and biases.

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Self Paced

In Part One of Women Have Always Worked, learn how women's work has changed the home, the workplace, and the nation from the Colonial Period through World War I. As we see American women coming into positions of unprecedented economic and political power, we start to wonder: why now? The Women Have Always Worked MOOC, offered in two parts, explores the history of women in America and introduces students to historians’ work to uncover the place of women and gender in America’s past.

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Jan 26th 2017

Learn what motivates prominent women such as Gloria Steinem, Loretta Ross, and others to become involved in activism in this political psychology course. Have you ever wanted to change the world? Have you ever wondered what motivates some people to become activists? What experiences in your childhood or when you were a teenager may have shaped your political identity? Join us, along with Gloria Steinem, Loretta Ross, and others, in a seven-week exploration of these questions and more.

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Oct 26th 2016

You have a great business idea, you know the market, AND you think you can make money? In this course, New York Times Bestseller author, lawyer, and serial entrepreneur Susan Solovic helps you get to grips with your entrepreneurial spirit and learn the skills and strategies to build an outrageously successful business. Beyond the basic skills required around marketing, finance, and team-building, Susan Solovic encourages you to listen and evaluate feedback, develop resilience, and cherish yourself along the way. So a course just for women? No. This course is for anyone interested in getting started with their own business, but aims also to debunk some common myths and misconceptions about women in business – insights that may also challenge men!

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May 30th 2016

El curso tiene un contenido jurídico y criminológico. Se especifica, en primer lugar, qué ha de entenderse por "violencia de género", para abordar después los tipos de violencia, las características del agresor, los factores de riesgo, las consecuencias sobre la víctima y las respuestas legales existentes para erradicar y sancionar tales conductas.

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Apr 25th 2014

We all have a story. No matter where we are in our life’s journey; no matter our circumstances; we have something to share that has made us who we are. Capturing and examining our life stories increases our resilience and clarifies our place in the world.

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Feb 25th 2013

Learn about women’s roles in the U.S. civil rights struggles of the 1890s to the 1990s.

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