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Technologies and platforms for Artificial Intelligence (Coursera)

This course will address the hardware technologies for machine and deep learning (from the units of an Internet-of-Things system to a large-scale data centers) and will explore the families of machine and deep learning platforms (libraries and frameworks) for the design and development of smart applications and [...]

Artificial Intelligence: An Overview (Coursera)

The course will provide a non-technical overview of the artificial intelligence field. Initially, a discussion on the birth of AI is provided, remarking the seminal ideas and preliminary goals. Furthermore, the crucial weaknesses are presented and how these weaknesses have been circumvented. Then, the current state of AI is [...]

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (Coursera)

This course deals with the problems created, aggravated or transformed by AI. It is intended to give students a chance to reflect on the ethical, social, and cultural impact of AI by focusing on the issues faced by and brought about by professionals in AI but also by citizens, [...]

Project Management: Life cycle and project planning (Coursera)

Project Management is a fundamental theme to understand and work in any business environments. One of the main skills that Project Managers need to have deals with the ability to manage the project during its entire life-cycle and to plan the work needed to achieve the final result. During [...]

Project Management: Beyond planning and control (Coursera)

Project Management is a fundamental theme to understand and work in any business environments. Projects are the organizational way to make innovation happen and to realize any kind of custom solution or to change how an organization work. Project Management is the set of capabilities, skills and tools to [...]

Project Management: Control using the Earned Value and Risk (Coursera)

Project Management is a fundamental theme to understand and work in any business environments. Once projects are properly planned, the job of a Project Manager is just started. Indeed, PMs need to properly control, re plan, and manage risks during the execution of the project. During the course, the [...]

Communication skills for engineering scholars (Coursera)

The course teaches engineering scholars how to improve their communication skills, based on theory, examples and practical exercises. Topics include basics of rhetoric (how to be clear), basics of argumentation theory (how to be persuasive), public speaking, grant writing, scientific writing. The main target are engineering scholars; the first 3 [...]

Fundamentals of Organization (Coursera)

Organization is a fundamental theme to understand the real functioning of each company or, more in general, of any institution, and it is part of the basic know-how of each manager. Organization design implies decisions on how work is subdivided and how coordination between the various activities and people [...]

Developing FPGA-accelerated cloud applications with SDAccel: Practice (Coursera)

Feb 6th 2023
Developing FPGA-accelerated cloud applications with SDAccel: Practice (Coursera)
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This course is for anyone passionate about learning how to develop FPGA-accelerated applications with SDAccel! The more general purpose you are, the more flexible you are and the more kinds of programs and algorithms you can execute on your underlying computing infrastructure. All of this is terrific, but there [...]

Archaeoastronomy (Coursera)

Archaeoastronomy is the “science of stars and stones”: it studies the relationships between the ancient monuments and the sky, in order to gain a better understanding of the ideas of the architects of the past and of their religious and symbolic world. The course provides the first complete, easy [...]