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iMSA (Masters of Science in Accountancy) from the University of Illinois

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Aug 7th 2017

Start learning at your own pace to get a qualification and a career in business and finance, with this introduction level course from ACCA-X. Interested in a career in business? Knowledge of accounting will be key to your success.

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Self Paced

Get business-ready and prepare for a qualification by building your finance and accountancy skills with this course from ACCA. Intermediate Financial and Management Accounting is part two of a programme designed for anyone who is just starting out on their business, finance or accountancy journey and wants to expand their accounting and finance skills.

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Jul 10th 2017

Learn how to read and analyze financial statements and understand basic techniques to manage costs and capital investment decisions. This is an introductory course on financial and management accounting. How many times have you heard of net profit, operating profit, operating margin, cash, earning and so on? But are they referring to the same concepts or are they different things?

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Have you ever thought about Accounting as a career choice? With a refreshing, funky approach, this course will introduce you to the basic concepts, principles and techniques of being an accountant. You will learn about the importance of accounting in modern societies and have the opportunity to explore two different Accounting specialisations- Financial Accounting and Management Accounting.

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Apr 20th 2017

Ce MOOC est dédié à la comptabilité de gestion et à l’utilisation du tableur. Il permettra de comprendre les liens entre la comptabilité de gestion et la comptabilité générale ainsi que de maîtriser la mise en place de calculs de coûts dans un tableur (Microsoft, Libre office, Google Sheets...). Il propose d’aborder 4 méthodes de calcul de coûts complémentaires.

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Self Paced

An introduction to the financial and management accounting skills needed to succeed in both MBA study and in business.

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Aug 18th 2016

Learn accounting and finance basics so you can effectively analyze business data to make key management decisions.

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Jul 15th 2015

Erlerne die kaufmännische Sprache von Unternehmen! Damit kannst du Finanzberichte lesen, verstehen und interpretieren. Du kannst Entscheidungen kostenrechnerisch vorbereiten, Produkte bewerten und Kostenabweichungen analysieren.

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