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Dec 12th 2016

Course 4: Introduction to Research for Essay Writing. This is the last course in the Academic Writing specialization before the capstone project. By the end of this course, you will be able to complete all the steps in planning a research paper.

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Dec 12th 2016

What makes for a great user experience? How can you consistently design experiences that work well, are easy to use and people want to use? This course will teach you the core process of experience design and how to effectively evaluate your work with the people for whom you are designing.

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Dec 5th 2016

This course will provide learners with an introduction to research data management and sharing. After completing this course, learners will understand the diversity of data and their management needs across the research data lifecycle, be able to identify the components of good data management plans, and be familiar with best practices for working with data including the organization, documentation, and storage and security of data. Learners will also understand the impetus and importance of archiving and sharing data as well as how to assess the trustworthiness of repositories.

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Nov 28th 2016

This MOOC is about demystifying research and research methods. It will outline the fundamentals of doing research, aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at the postgraduate level. It places the student experience at the centre of our endeavours by engaging learners in a range of robust and challenging discussions and exercises befitting SOAS, University of London's status as a research-intensive university and its rich research heritage.

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Oct 25th 2016

Este curso ofrece una introducción a diferentes enfoques actuales de la educación en ciencias basados en la investigación. Todos ellos comparten la finalidad de promover una ciudadanía activa, capaz de desenvolverse de forma adecuada en los diferentes contextos en los que se desarrolla su vida y de involucrarse en la toma de decisiones sobre cuestiones científicas y tecnológicas.

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Oct 24th 2016

Undertaking an Extended Project Qualification, IB extended essay or any other scholarly research? This guides you step-by-step. Curiosity is one of humanity’s most important characteristics. It has enabled us to make the unknown known, to break barriers and to shine a light on all aspects of life, from our day to day hobbies to the exploration of the stars. Our innate desire to explore is responsible for many of our proudest achievements. This course will help train you to harness your curiosity and use it to undertake your own research projects in a scholarly manner.

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Oct 10th 2016

Learn how to design, develop, research, and execute a writing project from inception to completion in this credit-eligible course. This writing course introduces students to discourse, research, and research writing for the purpose of proposing solutions to problems. Rather than learning about these subjects in the abstract, students will learn by engaging with local problems and issues in their communities.

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Jul 11th 2016

This course develops and refines participants’ skills in composing, rhetorical analysis, and research. The course emphasizes persuasive and researched writing, peer review, and composing in various forms and media.

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Capacita a estudiantes y profesionales de la salud para identificar los distintos tipos de diseño de estudio, así como las herramientas disponibles de bioestadística en la investigación epidemiológica.

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Self-Paced until 26 Aug 2016

The course is addressed for secondary school students and teachers, who would like to fresh their research skills and for I and II year university students. During the 9 weeks long course, participants will learn how to collect and analyze data with the computer and to draw conclusions.

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Oct 19th 2015

The migration of print resources to electronic formats has changed the way instructional librarians teach students how to use the library effectively. The library itself has changed to include learning spaces and zones with less dedicated space for print resources. In this course, an experienced academic librarian will share his strategies for getting students engaged in the art of library research.

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Jul 6th 2015

Chances are, if you are researching MOOCs, you already know how to find certain information on the internet. This six-week, instructor-led course leverages what you already know about finding information to help you understand bibliographic research concepts from a familiar perspective.

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Jun 8th 2015

Join us to learn researching skills using authentic records about British Army nurses, covering the period from the Victorian wars to more recent times.

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May 15th 2015

This course is about writing “science of delivery" case studies that help us understand how practitioners have addressed complex policy or program implementation challenges. It offers an orientation to the research, writing, and ethics of interview-based case study research.

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Apr 7th 2015

El curso se centrará primero en los elementos clave del proceso investigador: cómo comunicar y colaborar desde un punto de vista personal y grupal, y qué elementos son los más importantes: desde el blog personal hasta el web grupal, pasando por los artículos científicos y de divulgación.

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Sep 11th 2014

Les TPE, ou Travaux Personnels Encadrés, font partie des épreuves anticipées du bac que vous passez en première L, S ou ES. C'est une épreuve nouvelle pour vous puisqu'elle ne ressemble pas du tout aux épreuves plus "classiques" comme les maths. Cela consiste en un travail de groupe de 6 mois sur un domaine choisi par vous parmi l'ensemble des thèmes nationaux proposés pour votre année scolaire. Les TPE sont ainsi l'occasion d'approfondir des sujets qui vous intéressent tout en vous familiarisant avec le travail en équipe.

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Aug 18th 2014

Participants will learn the elements of research methods and design that are essential to the translation of knowledge into clinical practice, administration/leadership, and health policy.

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Oct 9th 2013

A unique online course and multi-platform site dedicated to an interrogation of practice-based research in the arts.

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