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Iniciación a los Jeroglíficos Egipcios (Coursera)

Oct 2nd 2023
Iniciación a los Jeroglíficos Egipcios (Coursera)
Course Auditing
¿Te apasiona la historia y la cultura del antiguo Egipto? ¿Sientes fascinación por las lenguas y los sistemas de escritura de las civilizaciones de la Antigüedad? ¿Te atrae la idea de adentrarte en el secreto de los jeroglíficos egipcios y comprender las claves de su lectura e interpretación? ¡Si [...]

El Valle de los Reyes (Coursera)

Este curso va dirigido a todos los amantes de la historia y arqueología, en general, y de manera particular a todos los interesados en egiptología, independientemente de su nivel de conocimiento inicial. El Valle de los Reyes constituye uno de los yacimientos arqueológicos más importantes de Egipto y su [...]

Introduction to Korean Philosophy and Culture (Coursera)

This course will give you the cultural and historical background to begin your journey into Korean philosophy, and there is no prerequisite knowledge on philosophy required. Anybody who either has an interest in Korean culture, maybe through K-Dramas or K-pop, or an interest in philosophy from a cross-cultural perspective, [...]

The Arctic as a System (Coursera)

In this course you will first learn about the Arctic as a geographic region, the peoples the Arctic, and the long history of Arctic settlement and exploration. Attention then turns to key features of the Arctic environment – its climate and weather, features of the ocean, sea ice, lands [...]

The Cosmopolitan Medieval Arabic World (Coursera)

Did you know that Arabic was for centuries the lingua franca in an area stretching from the south of Spain to the Chinese border? Did you know that the Middle East under Muslim rule in those days was the world’s beating heart of trade, but also of science and scholarship?

Coexistence in Medieval Spain: Jews, Christians, and Muslims (Coursera)

This course explores Jewish, Christian, and Muslim intercultural relations in Iberia from the Visigothic era (6th century CE) until the creation of Queen Isabel I and King Ferdinand II Catholic Spain (late 15th century). We evaluate the many identities of the peninsula known as Christian Hispania, Jewish Sefarad, and [...]

Deciphering Secrets: The Illuminated Manuscripts of Medieval Europe (Coursera)

Perhaps no other relic of the European Middle Ages captures our imagination more than illuminated medieval manuscripts, or those documents decorated with images and colored pigments. Serving as windows unto a lost world of kings, ladies, faith, war, and culture, they communicate complex visual and textual narratives of Europe’s [...]

Ideas from the History of Graphic Design (Coursera)

This condensed survey course focuses on four key periods or themes from the history of design. Together we’ll trace the emergence of design as a recognized practice, why things look the way they do, and how designers approached specific design problems in their work.

The Modern World, Part Two: Global History since 1910 (Coursera)

This is a survey of modern history from a global perspective. Part Two begins early in the twentieth century, as older ways of doing things and habits of thought give way. What follows is an era of cataclysmic struggles over what ideas and institutions will take their place.

Arch of Titus: Rome and the Menorah (Coursera)

The Arch of Titus: Rome and the Menorah explores one of the most significant Roman monuments to survive from antiquity, from the perspectives of Roman, Jewish and later Christian history and art. The Arch of Titus commemorates the destruction of Jerusalem by the emperor Titus in 70 CE, an [...]