Nazi Germany

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Chosen Issues in Holocaust History (Coursera)

Aug 1st 2022
Chosen Issues in Holocaust History (Coursera)
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The Holocaust - what do we know about it and what more can we learn? This course provides a broad and in-depth look at central topics relating to the history of the Holocaust. It examines the events and processes that took place during these earth-shattering years through new and [...]

The Holocaust - An Introduction (I): Nazi Germany: Ideology, The Jews and the World (Coursera)

The Holocaust was an inconceivable historical event, which forever robbed Western culture of its innocence. As civilized human beings, we fail to understand how events of such horror could have taken place, and how an idea so inhumanly warped could have spread like wildfire through an entire continent, instigating [...]

Teaching the Holocaust: Innovative Approaches to the Challenges We Face (FutureLearn)

Explore history, delve into pedagogical challenges revealed by research, and find practical solutions for teaching the Holocaust. The Holocaust was the murder of approximately 6 million Jews perpetrated by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. That this atrocity proved possible raises many complex questions which remain relevant for young people [...]