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Change of Era: The Origins of Christian Culture through the Lens of Archaeology (FutureLearn)

Dec 5th 2022
Change of Era: The Origins of Christian Culture through the Lens of Archaeology (FutureLearn)
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Learn about innovative approaches to the study of early Christianity and discover its role in a crucial period of history. Delve into early Christianity. On this four-week course, you’ll gain a better understanding of a crucial period in history – one characterised by deep political, economic, cultural, and environmental [...]
Dec 5th 2022
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Egiptología (Egyptology) (Coursera)

¿Sientes curiosidad por la civilización del antiguo Egipto? ¿Eres un apasionado de su cultura e historia? En este curso nos acercaremos a los templos de los antiguos faraones, a sus complejos funerarios, a sus ciudades, a su escritura jeroglífica, a su religión y a muchos otros aspectos de esta [...]

At the Origins of the Mediterranean Civilization: Archaeology of the City from the Levant to the West - 3rd-1st millennium BC (Coursera)

Which are the deepest roots of that mix of cultures that we use to call ‘Mediterranean Civilization’? Which are comminglings and exchanges which produced its most complete fruit, i.e. the city, a place for landscape-modelling communities? And which elements did contribute to build up that baulk of customs, ideas, [...]

Osteoarchaeology: The Truth in Our Bones (Coursera)

This course is about what we can learn from examining the human skeleton, and how we can use this knowledge to reconstruct the lives of people who lived in the past. In archaeology and anthropology, human skeletal remains can provide unique insights into the past and the present; insights [...]

Roman Art and Archaeology (Coursera)

The objective of this course is to provide an overview of the culture of ancient Rome beginning about 1000 BCE and ending with the so-called "Fall of Rome". We will look at some of the key people who played a role in Rome, from the time of the kings [...]

Recovering the Humankind's Past and Saving the Universal Heritage (Coursera)

Archaeology has as its objective the recovery and revival of humankind past, and as its aim the rescue and preservation of cultural heritage. Archaeology is, among human sciences, the discipline with the strongest importance for the rediscovery, but also for the preservation and protection of cultural heritage, as Humankind’s [...]

The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem (Coursera)

The destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem and the Babylonian Exile were a great catastrophe in the history of the Jewish Nation. What really happened during that dark, fateful age, and how did new opportunities arise from the ashes?

The Changing Landscape of Ancient Rome. Archaeology and History of the Palatine Hill (Coursera)

Studying ancient - as well as medieval or modern - cities basically means telling local urban stories based on the reconstruction of changing landscapes through the centuries. Given the fragmentary nature of archaeological evidence, it is necessary to create new images that would give back the physical aspect of [...]

Biblical Archaeology: The archaeology of ancient Israel and Judah (edX)

Join me as I share with you my passion for archaeological discovery and learn about the exciting methods of modern archaeology. Explore how archaeology illuminates biblical Israel and Judah, and the archaeological finds relate to the bible. Join me for an introductory course on biblical archaeology of ancient Israel [...]

Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology (edX)

Explore the archaeology, history, art, and hieroglyphs surrounding the famous Egyptian Pyramids at Giza. Learn about Old Kingdom pharaohs and elites, tombs, temples, the Sphinx, and how new technology is unlocking their secrets. Where is Giza? How were the Pyramids built? How did the cemeteries and hundreds of decorated [...]