Arctic Climate Environ & Geographies of a Changing North Specialization

This specialization starts with an in-depth look at the physical geography of the Arctic and its key climate features, including the ocean's floating sea ice cover, the Greenland Ice Sheet, and patterns of temperature, precipitation, snow cover and permafrost. We will then learn about the remarkable unfolding changes that are transforming the Arctic environment, how they are related to each other, and cascading impacts on terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Attention then turns to the growing economic, strategic, and geopolitical importance of the Arctic in the context of observed environmental changes in the region.


M​astering Arctic geography.

U​nderstanding the pronounced and interconnected changes unfolding in the Arctic.

R​ecognizing intimate connections between the changing Arctic, Northern economies, peoples, and geopolitics.

Appreciate the long history of the Arctic and its peoples

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The Arctic as a System (Coursera)

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Arctic Change & the Nexus of Governance, Economics & Culture (Coursera)

Apr 15th 2024
Arctic Change & the Nexus of Governance, Economics & Culture (Coursera)
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