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Feb 20th 2017

Gain an understanding of the natural world, how the web of life works, with illustrations from around the world. If we don’t grasp why ecosystems function, it becomes harder to determine possible reasons for when they don’t, and makes it difficult to identify possible environmental threats to humans.

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Jan 24th 2017

Take the challenge and understand problems and solutions to managing tropical coastal ecosystems. Do you want to develop the skills and knowledge needed to help preserve tropical coastal ecosystems? These habitats provide goods and services for hundreds of millions of people but human activities have led to their global decline.

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Self Paced

Over 70% of our planet is ocean, and life itself evolved in the sea so come and join us on this tour of Planet Ocean! Have you ever wondered about the diversity of marine biota in our oceans? Do you know what a nudibranch is? Or how a kelp forest functions? Did you realise that the ocean ‘pumps’ carbon? Are you interested in how marine systems; from coral reefs to Antarctic ecosystems are managed? This course will introduce you to the fascinating world of our oceans. You will learn about marine life and key features of the ocean system. You will also explore some of the stressors on marine systems caused by human activity. Finally, this course will cover how society might sensibly approach managing those threats into the future.

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Mar 1st 2015

La comprensión de la problemática ambiental exige un cambio en los paradigmas epistemológicos. No basta entender cómo funciona el ecosistema sin el hombre o el hombre sin el ecosistema. Es necesario comprender cómo se organizan los sistemas culturales en su actividad de transformación del ecosistema.

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Jan 19th 2015

This course explores the biosphere through understanding the cycles of energy and matter, and the diversity and relationships in the ecosystems.

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Jan 12th 2015

Disasters kill people, destroy infrastructure, damage ecosystems and undermine development. Climate change is expected to aggravate existing disaster risks. Ecosystem-based approaches for disaster risk reduction can be a strategy with multiple benefits.

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