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E.g., 2017-04-06
E.g., 2017-04-06
Feb 27th 2017

Explore 15th century England through archaeology, history and literature. Learn more about Richard III’s discovery and reburial. The discovery of the skeleton of Richard III in a Leicester car park - and the recent revelations of an infidelity within his family’s bloodline - have made headline news around the world.In this free online course, a team of scholars from the University of Leicester address a broad set of themes about the England Richard would have inhabited in the 15th century and look back at his rediscovery and reinterment.

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May 2nd 2016

L’objet du cours est de comprendre les raisons qui poussent l’historien à découper le temps. L’enseignement de l’histoire en France est traditionnellement découpé en quatre périodes canoniques : histoire ancienne, médiévale, moderne et contemporaine. Que signifient ces époques qui sont le produit d’une histoire avant tout européenne et méditerranéenne ? Ce qui pose la question de la pertinence de cette périodisation pour d’autres aires géographiques.

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Self Paced

Understand handwriting’s role in the later Middle Ages as Europe was in the midst of the "paper revolution” and the quantity of documents was exploding.

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Sep 21st 2015 - Self-Paced

Learn about the ornate liturgical books used in medieval cathedrals and monasteries, and their purpose in the Middle Ages.

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