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Jul 3rd 2017

Sociology examines individuals in their social contexts. Sociology examines individuals in their social contexts and provides insights into factors such as class, gender and age shape societies at the individual and institutional levels. This introductory course introduces you to key concepts and theories used in examination of and for understanding social action, social institutions, social structure and social change. This course seeks to introduce you to some of sociology’s central concepts, that describe and analyse critically the social forces shaping human behavior and attitude in contemporary social life.

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Jun 12th 2017

Learn how sociology applies to your everyday life and helps you better communicate and understand people and your environment.

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Jun 5th 2017

Delve into the seedy underbelly of the art world, looking at smuggling, theft, fakes, and fraud, with this free online course. From fakes and fraud, to thefts and trafficking, art crime has turned archaeological sites in Iraq and Syria into “lunar landscapes”, decapitated Buddha sculptures in Cambodia and left empty frames on museum walls.

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Mar 15th 2017

Le racisme et l’antisémitisme sont des notions sujettes à bien des interprétations, analyses et discours. Elles nous sont familières, mais les difficultés surgissent dès qu’il s’agit de les définir avec précision. Ce Mooc propose d’abord un état des lieux, d’une part historique, et d’autre part consacré à l’actualité de ces phénomènes, avant de réfléchir à l’action antiraciste.

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Mar 9th 2017

Pas besoin d’être matheux pour être confronté, au quotidien, à une profusion de chiffres et de données statistiques. Dans les médias, sur les réseaux sociaux ou même dans les conversations ordinaires, il est courant d’argumenter, chiffres à l’appui. Pourtant, sommes-nous sûrs de savoir d’où viennent et comment ont été produites ces fameuses « données chiffrées » qui semblent faire autorité, ou qui animent tout au moins le débat ? Ce cours en ligne propose d’abord de revenir sur les raisons qui ont poussé les premiers chercheurs en sciences humaines et sociales à introduire les données statistiques dans leurs raisonnements, stabilisant des méthodes d’investigation de l’opinion et des pratiques qui se sont par la suite vulgarisées dans l’espace social.

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Feb 20th 2017

Birth is a lottery. Where, when and to whom you are born and the society into which you are born will influence your life chances. This free online course will look at both the big picture of the ‘lottery of birth’ and the smaller, human stories. You will examine the inequalities of birth, particularly being born rich or poor and being born female or male.

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O objetivo geral do curso Alterações Climáticas: o contexto das experiências de vida é introduzir o conceito de alterações climáticas no contexto do desenvolvimento sustentável, relacionando-o com as experiências vivenciadas por cada um de como, por exemplo, adaptar e mitigar os seu efeitos, relacionados com cheias, falta de água, subida no nível do mar, erosão costeira, e outros.

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May 10th 2016

Explore how class, gender, and racial inequalities shape our personal and social worlds. When you notice inequality in your everyday life, do you ever wonder where it comes from, and what keeps it going? This sociology course introduces you to core concepts of class, gender, and racial inequality, and an approach to studying complex forms of inequality called intersectionality.

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May 10th 2016

Connect your personal biography to global history as you develop your sociological imagination. Ever wondered why some countries are rich and others poor? Or why some people believe hard work results in upward mobility and others don’t? To answer these questions, you need to “see” the world sociologically.

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Jun 24th 2015

The United States criminal justice system is typically an accurate and efficient system—although, as a human creation, it is not perfect. This course will employ a social scientific perspective to understand why innocent people are sometimes convicted of crimes they did not commit. In this course we will discuss wrongful convictions, their causes, and their solutions.

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Sep 2nd 2014

Understand your social location in a globally interconnected cultural and economic landscape.

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Self Paced

Survey of the field of sociology: its basic concepts, research orientation & theories. Course that provides the student with insights into the social factors in human life. Topics include socialization, social interaction, social change, culture, social structure, social institutions, stratification, political power & deviance.

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Self Paced

This course is designed to help you get started as a behavioral science student, become familiar with the academic programs within the field, and prepare you for your first meeting with your academic advisor or academic counselor once you make your decision about which program to pursue.

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In this class we will cover the essentials of sociology, to help you better understand your own life and situations far from your experience.

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