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Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy (edX)

This course provides a basic understanding of the overall components of economies which tend to be the key factor for taking decisions in a large scale. The course deals with theoretical models of Consumption, Savings, Investment alongwith key economic concepts like Inflation and Unemployment. This course will discuss the [...]

People Management (edX)

Learn to be a better manager by developing leadership and communication skills designed to turn first time managers into great team leaders. Do you aspire to be an ideal people manager? The journey from being an individual contributor to a people manager requires significant personal development and growth. [...]

Operations Management (edX)

Understand key aspects of business operations and lean management including capacity, productivity, quality, and supply chain. Have you ever wondered about the right methods to improve productivity, configure your supply chain or address the demand on hand? In recent years, businesses have strived to improve productivity and quality, reduce [...]

Infrastructure Development, PPPs and Regulation (edX)

A unique MOOC about PPPs in the infrastructure sector using case studies to provide real world context to learners. Do you know why governments around the world are eager to partner with the private sector for developing infrastructure? Do you want know about the key implications of Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs)? [...]

Arts and Culture: Towards a New Management Paradigm (edX)

Covering concepts that detail management strategies for professionals in arts and culture enterprises, ‘Arts and Culture: Towards a New Management Paradigm’ is designed to equip learners with a practitioner’s knowledge of management. The course details topics such as economics of culture and heritage, and the global policy landscape for [...]

Economic Foundations of Pricing (edX)

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Economic Foundations of Pricing (edX)
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This course starts with the basic understanding of classical theory of pricing. It then progresses towards understanding and analysing cost-based pricing heuristics, demand curve analysis, and competition based pricing.

Accounting for Decision-Making (edX)

Learn how to read and interpret financial statements and manage costs to take informed business decisions. In order for a manager to effectively perform their role they must have an understanding of accounting information, as accounting systems generate information that is used by both internal and external stakeholders. Having [...]

Valuation and Creating Sustainable Value (edX)

In this course, you will learn how to value a company. You will also learn how companies can create sustainable value for the business. Have you wondered how some companies have high market value or how some companies are acquired with huge valuations such as Microsoft that paid $26 [...]

Foundations of Data Science (edX)

Learn the fundamental concepts in probability, statistics, optimization and linear algebra which form the foundations for data science. Data Science along with artificial intelligence (AI) and its various components such as statistical learning (SL), machine learning (ML) and deep learning algorithms (DL) are recognized as main drivers of organizational [...]

Services Marketing: Concepts & Applications (edX)

Learn the core concepts of marketing services and their applications across industries and businesses from a customer as well as a managerial perspective. The spectrum of services is remarkably diverse. As consumers, we continue to add services to make our lives simpler, productive and more enjoyable. Be it banking, [...]