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Dec 13th 2016

Conoce los fundamentos de los sistemas de información para la empresa. Curso 1 de 5 de una serie que te introducirá en el apasionante mundo de las TIC. Esta es el primero de una serie de cursos de introducción al uso de sistemas de información en las empresas, diseñada en base al el temario del examen USA CLEP Sistemas de Información y Aplicaciones Informáticas que te introducirá en el apasionante mundo de las TIC.

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Sep 14th 2016

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a business strategy still places clients at the center of all activities. However, customers and their buying behavior have changed dramatically in the last decade, and CRM solutions have evolved accordingly. In this course you’ll learn why it’s almost impossible to run a successful business today with a CRM system from the past.

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Feb 23rd 2016

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an MIS-dominated corporate world.

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Sep 9th 2015

With SAP Cloud for Customer, companies can unlock value and drive success more safely and inexpensively than ever. The openSAP course Experience SAP Cloud for Customerprovides SAP customers and partners with the necessary know-how to get on board safely and quickly. The course offers an initial overview of SAP’s overall Customer Engagement & Commerce strategy (CEC), and how the comprehensive solution portfolio is going to shape CEC as a new software category in the market.

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