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Sep 26th 2017

"Autoliderazgo y Gestión de Emociones para Avanzar en Desafíos Complejos" es un curso práctico, enfocado en tu primer círculo de influencia: tú mismo. El curso te invitará a conectarte con tus propósitos e identificar la forma en la que tus creencias, miedos y hambres con frecuencia dificultan el logro de tus propósitos y tu avance en desafíos de liderazgo. El curso te va a permitir identificar, y si lo decides, trabajar temas personales que te ayudarán a ser más efectivo y a acercarte más a vivir tu vida como quieres vivirla.

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Sep 25th 2017

Philosophy is like sex: sure you can get some interesting results, but that's not why we do it. Going one step beyond…why do you FEEL pain or pleasure? Do plants have emotions? How is possible that some people do not understand other’s emotions? Emotions seem to be everywhere, giving meaning to all events of our lives. They are the backbone of social activities as well as they drive the cognitive processes of several living entities. Several animals, including humans, have emotions but…what about machines?...Do machine can have emotions?

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Jun 12th 2017

How a psychological understanding of our emotions and behaviour can give us new ways to improve mental health and well-being. Psychological therapies and the work of clinical psychologists are now very popular. This free online course provides an introduction to how psychologists understand emotions, behaviours and thinking patterns, and how this helps clinical psychologists make sense of their clients’ problems.

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Can love be rational? Are we ever in control? American philosopher of mind Berit Brogaard outlines her new theory of love and uncovers the simple truths about the most complex emotion.

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Il corso si propone di offrire allo studente una panoramica dei percorsi della ricerca psicodinamica nel campo degli affetti e delle relazioni interpersonali attraverso un approfondimento delle aree teoriche, cliniche ed evolutive che hanno caratterizzato la recente ricerca in questo ambito.

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