World History

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The Holocaust: The Destruction of European Jewry (Coursera)

The Holocaust: The Destruction of European Jewry is an adaptation of an on-campus course that has been co-taught by Murray Baumgarten, Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature (Literature Department), and Peter Kenez, Professor Emeritus (History Department), for over 20 years at UC Santa Cruz. In this course, you [...]

The Modern World, Part Two: Global History since 1910 (Coursera)

This is a survey of modern history from a global perspective. Part Two begins early in the twentieth century, as older ways of doing things and habits of thought give way. What follows is an era of cataclysmic struggles over what ideas and institutions will take their place.

Level 7 Diploma in Social Sciences (LIBS)

This Level 7 Diploma in Social Sciences is a tuition-free 120 credit programme. The programme is fast track, which can be completed online including the final exam. The self-paced mode allows participants to set their own learning schedule without any restrictions.

Master of Science in Business Studies (SoBaT)

The Master of Science in Business Studies is a 60 credits programme which develops core management skills. It covers a wide range of business and management aspects to promote career development and employability opportunities.

Global History Lab (edX)

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Global History Lab (edX)
Free Course
Learn the span of world history from 1300 to the present. In this global history course, you will learn not just by reading and watching lectures, but also by analyzing historical documents and applying your knowledge. The core of this course is a series of weekly lab assignments [...]